Lilith figure creation

Hello all. I want to share my creation with you. Hope you like it, it was my first atempt at something like that. The trailer was so good, i had the urge to create her after seeing it .I am currently working on A.F. Kay. Sry for bad english

Heres the link for the video Custom Diablo 4 Lilith statue - YouTube


Wow, that is great! If you do something else in the future, it would be nice to see part of the making process.

Thank you ! In the middle of the video are photos from the making process. Sadly i cant imagine to make video about it since everithing was new for me, i was figuring almost all out. It was full focus on creating her. The same goes for my next project whitch is Heartstone character/boss A.F. Kay whitch will be made out of clay. I never made anything out of clay but i think you will like it. She is 95% done sculpting and i need to color her after.