LF Aussie Guild

Been playing this game for like 8 years and I only ever log on and do my season journey then come bak in 3 months haha… during my journey I feel I could be helping those that need a PL or something. Are there any Australian guilds looking for a recruit right now?.

Welcome to join <Star> The Fallen Star if you’re interested, we are primarily ANZ!

We are open to all Game that like to join Discord with friends or family.
There are no requirements to join, other than being a fun person to hang out with.
Members will not be judged by their experience or knowledge of the game. Actually quite the opposite, while none of us are experts in the game we’d welcome the opportunity to help others learn and progress through the game,
What matters is your love to play the game coupled with a desire to learn and help others along the way.
Our goal as a clan is to find new friends to play with who enjoy the game as much as we do. So we can keep going for D2R,D3,D4 When the time comes. Blizzard Game. Larian Stuidios (Baldlur’s Gate).

Updated discord link?

discord.gg/CB8TbSRJ :heart_eyes:

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Hi I’m in QLD.
Played D3 a week now.
lvl 70, did bounties until plans stopped dropping.
Now grinding T2 GRs for equipment.
Could I please join your discord and guild.
Playing with other Aus/NZ players would be fun.

Your welcome to join and any one else.

Sorry I was too slow Link expired discord.gg/Jdqg2Fbt

submitted a clan request to The Fallen Star

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Aussie here! Could I get an invite please?

And bnet tag smokie#6698
Your welcome to chill on discord even if your in a different clan. My discord is for Gamers Aussie :stuck_out_tongue: