Leveling Character season Blacksmith question

So I did the challenge rift, grabbed the cube and leveled up my mystic and BS to max level. I then wanted to go and craft a level 70 dagger (am a demon hunter) to upgrade it to a legendary but my black smith daggers don’t go to level 70 - not even close. What am I doing wrong of was this changed so that you can no longer do this?

Have you changed the filter on Blacksmith’s window to Show All?

Yes I have. I messed around with changing the show to all the different views and even restarted the game just in case there was some sort of bug.

Just out of curiosity, does the Blacksmith have the Level 70 Sage’s Journey Set (for double Death’s Breaths) listed on his Armor Tab? (He automatically learns this Plan when he hits Level 12). If not, he’s not at max Level 12. And he can only craft 70 items when he’s Level 12.

Edit: Looking at your Armory Profile, you only have one Seasonal Demon Hunter. You have no non-Season Characters and your Career Tab shows all three of your Artisans at Level 12.

I suggest you go to the Blacksmith, select his Weapons Tab, expand the Daggers list, select “Show All” and make a screenshot to post here.

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Here you go
here: https://i.imgur.com/qEZruly.jpg

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The top yellow dagger is level 70:


Oh crap thanks for pointing that out. I don’t know why I thought the higher ilevel pieces were at the bottom.

And looking at your screenshot, you have the currency to craft 9 of them.  

Tip: Most, if not all, of the Level 70 Rare items that the Blacksmith can craft begin with the word “Sovereign”. (Not sure about the Jeweler’s items and I’m not in-game at the moment).