Legendary gem disappeared when switching build via via o arm

One of my of legendary gem disappeared when I switching build via armory. Please help to recover it.

It’s inside a piece of jewelry in your stash, which means you can’t use the stash text search function to look for it. You have to inspect each item in your stash visually one at a time.


There’s a known bug when switching gear that has crafted primal items (recipe #11 in the cube). This bug happens because of how the armory swaps gear. You can usually correct it by equipping the desired set twice. For example, say your #1 slot is Mundunugu’s and #2 is Helltooth. You switch from #2 to #1 and an item is missing… re-equip #1 and it should appear.

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This may or may not be what happened to your leg gem, but just a reminder to not have your character’s inventory full. When you use the armory with a full character stash, stuff can fall on the ground.