Leaping spiders build no arachyr

I prefer leaping spider play over giant spider play so arachyr set is out since the first bonus is to screw over any other possible play type for corpse spiders.

Although it currently does not do as much damage as arachyr build it is surprising to me how much damage it is actually doing so I’m hoping finishing it off will get me where I want to be. Right now I’m about 500,000,000,000 damage off from an arachyr set. I’m just not sure what else to add. Also the skills are not set in stone, aside from corpse spider, was thinking wall and dogs for safety as I have to stand to get my spiders out. Then haunt with poison spirit for more damage, locus since I think that buffs dogs, and spirit walk when I want to get out. The only thing I really dont want is soul havest as I hate putting myself in harms way and I hate keeping the buff active.

Passives are Pierce the veil, spirit vessel, and swampland attunement. This leaves 1 passive open

Current gear is endless walk set, tasker and theo, brood of arachnea, depth diggers, ring of emptiness, and spider queens grasp. Kanai is echoing fury, mask of jeram, and ring of royal grandeur. this leaves helm, shoulder, chest, wrist, boots, and shield open.

Anyone have ideas how to finish this build off?

Well since you won’t be using a full set bonus you will want to go with LoN/LoD. So you will lose the Endless walk set and either wear the Legacy of Nightmare rings or use the Legacy of Dreams Gem. If you use the rings set then everything needs to be ancient, but if you use the LoD gem then non-ancient items will still work at a lesser bonus. For best effect you will want mostly ancients where possible.

You could use Stone Gauntlets along with Ice Climber boots (you must wear both of those items together to offset the penalty of the gauntlets). For helm you need to wear Mask of Jeram and instead cube Taster and Theo or swap with Stone Gauntlets in cube. Alternatively you can use Invigorating Gemstone but it must be at least rank 25 to offset the Stone Gauntlets.

Pauldrons of the Skeleton King. Reaper’s Wraps. Shukrani’s Triumph. Aquila Cuirass. Squirt’s Necklace. If you wear the LoN rings then cube Ring of Emptiness as RoRG is useless for these builds. If you instead use the Gem then use Convention of Elements and whatever other ring seems reasonable. Bad Medicine for the missing passive.

If I took more time I could likely come up with other more functional class base items and skills for such a build, but this should be enough to get you going at least and part of the fun is playing around with different assortments anyhow.

Thanks it gave me a good starting point. Damage was off more then I thought, to big of numbers for a quick look count. About 1,40,012,806,210,670 dps off the mark still but hoping with mimics that will change. Still a long way to go before anything happens anyway. Wish I could post links to build to make this easier but w/e

Well you will never be able to get damage up enough to be competitive with the Meta builds, there are just not enough supportive items for that specific of a build style. If it could be competitive there would already be a posted build for it on the guide sites.