Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force Does Not Buff Capt Crimson


When you activate Laws of Valor:Unstoppable Force while wearing Captain Crimson 3-Piece bonus, sheet RCR increases, but sheet toughness does not. We’d like to see this corrected for the benefit of Akkhan Heaven’s Fury builds.

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As far as I can tell, conditional sources of RCR don’t ever apply. I’ve tested Pride’s Fall, Akkhan’s set bonus, Laws of Valor (this one specifically says “Wrath cost” so I wouldn’t necessarily ever expect it to work), and also the blue circle seasonal buff for Season 18 which also increases sheet RCR but not sheet toughness.

The only things I can find that apply are things that are static from gear. Affixes on items, Topaz in the helmet, paragon points, etc. The only unique item I’ve found that actually works is Yang’s Recurve (which has a large-but-generic 40-50% RCR affix guaranteed).

I don’t know if this is a bug. It seems intentional. I’m a little sad, especially about the Captain Crimson set bonus not synergizing with the Season 18 RCR circles.


Akkhan’s set bonus requires the activation of Akarat’s champ. With the Captain Crimson 3-piece bonus equipped, activate AC… Then remove a set piece from Capt Crimson and you should see toughness drop substantially. This can be done in town.


The toughness drops because you’re losing a substantial amount from the Captain Crimson set bonus whether or not Akkhan’s applies.

On my crusader with Akkhan’s 6-piece equipped and Akarat’s Champion active, swapping a random belt for the Captain Crimson one boosts my toughness from 68.75mil to 105.36mil, or 53.25% increased toughness.

On my crusader with Akkhan’s 6-piece equipped but no Akarat’s Champion, swapping a random belt for the Captain Crimson one boosts my toughness from 15.15mil to 23.25mil, or 53.46% increased toughness.

In other words the Crimson 3-piece set bonus is giving almost identical toughness boost whether or not Akkhan’s 2-piece bonus is active giving 50% RCR or not.


I just logged in to check and discovered something weird.

I was at 308M standing in town. (that already includes the base 28% RCR). I took off the belt, and i went down to 159M. I trigger AC with the belt on, i go to 1.3B. I trigger AC with the belt off and i go to 677M.

So that all makes sense and supports your statement that A2 set bonus doesn’t buff toughness.

Now here’s where it gets tricky…

Equip the belt, activate AC… while AC is running, take off the belt, before the AC fades, put the belt back on. I’m now sitting at 2.6B toughness, AC fades i’m at 616M toughness. From this point take the belt off, put it back on, now i’m back at 308M toughness like before.

Now… here’s where it gets very wonky… that snapshot occurred in town. I entered a GR, was sitting at 308M/1.3B – after porting to town and activating AC, the toughness shoots up to 616M/2.6B and stays like that. You can run around the whole rift, (without dying) with the higher numbers.

I could not replicate this same behavior with the Laws of Valor:Unstoppable Force.

Oh and one other thing, take off all Akkhan gear and you can’t do the snapshot.

IMHO, they should just make these interactions compatible. RCR is RCR, whether it comes from gear or a legendary effect. If it affects the RCR sheet line item, it should count towards Captain Crimson 3-piece bonus.

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