Lamentation - A response from the Devs. Them self 🤔

Has there been a single bluepost about taking away the belt buff?
Did Blizzard even bother to talk to us about this yet?

Is it really that much to ask for one simple response. :thinking:

Maybe I’m all wrong about this…
But I sure feel like we deserve some sort of a answer by now.

Any information at all from the Devs.
That’s the people I wish to talk with at least.

Talk about this “small” change.




They just finished blizzcon, its not a matter of “bother” to but just getting around to it after settling down from the convention, give them little time.

Not so sure i agree with you here. If this was just some random change to some random no class legendary. Sure.

But this is potentially Mortick’s Brace all over again. Done to the same class as well. (Not that they took away the belt all together but you get the point)

It’s not like there has been a lack of “fuzz” around this topic already.
So when they see a particular subject get almost out of hand on their own forums.

It should not be too much of a “demand” to expect at least a single response from them by now.


my guess -

their response will be what ever actually drops in S19 Live.

doubt very much they need to send anymore of a message to us than that.

it will all be crystal clear very soon.

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I can’t even get a reply on, if I can get to play again or not.
They’ve said there was a bug and was “looking into it”.
On day 22, I’ve still not heard anything, so don’t expect anything. As usual.

Before season 19 starts, there will be a patchnote outlining what had changed after the PTR. It will showcase what had changed to the crusader set and hopefully buffed monk set along with the verdict on the belt.

So their response will be in a form of pafchnote for upcoming 2.6.7

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The silence sadly seems to indicate that the nerf is a fact and any confirmation ahead of the patch notes will only blow up the forum more than it already is.

There is only a small hope that the silence is because they’re still contemplating the changes.

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That would be all fine and dandy if it was not for the fact that they had some minor updates showcased at Blizzcon. One in particular that is pretty brutal.

They knew there would be a lot of fuzz around that change to the belt. Specially when the buff was simply reverted instead of just adjusted/nerfed like we expected it would.

Barbs all over the world are confused and just want some sort of response or answer.

unless it’s Mortrick’s 2.0, then you’ll have to see what actually makes into the game.

It does seem like a simple post or two would really help “manage the message” to their customers and if it was just a bugged drop, would instantly remove a lot of anger/disappointment.

Communication? What’s that?


They could very well be reviewing everything still and making up their minds. Also, since the consoles had the upgraded patch at blizzcon that likely means that blizzard had already submitted the final patch to Microsoft and Sony which takes awhile to do (from my understanding - which is limited, but from what I hear there is a bit of a process to go through to get those updates through) so there might further debates as to whether they want to have to submit more changes to the console company’s or not or just wait to do it next patch (if they’re going to do it at all). Also they just finished blizz con so the devs might have had a couple of days off afterwards as well as other responsibilities to attend to.

I am 100% sure that when Season 19 begins, Blizzard will communicate all the new changes for patch 2.6.7.

In the meantime they will be working to finalize that patch. I think they should be given the time to do that. Of course people would like to know sooner rather than later. But we’re talking about a matter of 3-4 weeks! Patience…

You don’t seem to understand the purpose of these don’t-nerf-rend threads. If we don’t react we may very well be forever-free of the rend buff on Lamentation :scream:


Little weird that S18 ends on Sunday, and still no update on S19 start date or final 2.6.7 patch notes…


That is not a good excuse. It’s been a week since blizzcon. CM’s and Devs are very active in other games forums addressing issues and questions since blizzcon. Not 1 single post after blizzcon in the diablo forums.

That’s the really crazy thing. If it really is just a bug in the console version still dropping the old Lamentation as people mentioned was possible, then Blizzard could easily make a single statement and all the outrage would melt away before it fully boils over.

If it turns out that the buff is removed then their statement is a bit harder, but at least giving us some insight would help appease the community.

The fact that they haven’t made a quick, “don’t worry we didn’t remove the Lamentation multiplier buff!” makes me think it’s real and they’re just going to stay quiet on it.

I get that interacting with the forums is only a portion of Nev’s job, but whoever sets her priorities should realize that managing situations like this before things spiral out of control is an important part of keeping their customer base satisfied.


Yeah other games are active, diablo3 unfortunately is a classic game, their priority is clearly elsewhere.

It’s been like that long before classic team took over, sadly.


I have no problem with people reacting. I support people making their views known.

But c’mon… everybody’s going to know the status of everything new in patch 2.6.7 in 3-4 weeks, when season 19 begins. I don’t buy the idea that Blizz is “failing” at communicating, because they don’t say what the patch will look like right now.

We’ll all find out about everything in the patch soon enough. It’s not a fail if they don’t release the patch notes at this exact moment.