Laggy servers why?

Whats up with when joining games, for bounties or such, the games are laggy as hell and unplayable? Been like this since last week. Everyone in the games as well say they are laggy.


They want to make people dislike bounties even more than usual.

I had a hard time playing a few days ago because of lag. It finally disconnected me in the middle of a bounty. Haven’t played in public recently so I wasn’t sure if it was fixed. Obviously it has not.

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This is why I switched to the console version. I’m sick and tired of the BS. They need to either invest in some servers or give us offline on the pc version.


Well I can play a solo game fine. I just one game and did bounties, trying to join another game and there is 4000 ping and this is just now

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15 hours the time to lvl up my chars in hard core, both dissconnected from blizz server mid rift, dead while disconnected, twice. Unplayable, why bother

Its because the bots are hosting games and they don’t have very good hardware. An easy trick is to make the game yourself and open it to the public. It fills up quick.

So this a peer to peer type of setup? whats to stop someone from getting your IP and DDOS you ? is this possible?

People have this misconception that blizzard “hosts the servers” but they just host the master gateway that connects everything together. This isn’t WoW. When you make a game, you are hosting it, Your computer does the majority of the computations and sends them back to the master who sends them to other clients. When you have people with sheeeety hardware 2k miles away from the closest next player that’s when the lag heppens.

No, you’re not. It’s hosted on a server instance and, if you make use of Windows administrative tools, you can even see which server instance each game session becomes hosted on, as an extra IP address is connected to when you start the session.

No, the vast majority of the calculations happen server-side. It’s why having heroes with large amounts of Area Damage can lag out games, because the server can’t keep up with the amount of calculations required. It’s why, if you watch streams of people doing high-end solo GR content, you’ll occasionally see them press Escape to get to menus, leave it there a few seconds, then re-enter the game session. That’s to allow the server to catch up on the calculations.

Your response is pretty much as wrong as it could be.

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Yup I figured that out and I insta leave. On Console its worse cause they got cracks they can use even in season and can force you out of the game and back at the dashboard. Even if you aren’t done picking your stuff off the ground.

That happened once to me and I reported everyone in that game cause there was no way to tell who actually did it.

Hey Blizzard,

This is atrocious for a $20 billion dollar company to present a seasonal game like Diablo 3 season 26. Your stock is not worth the investment. Blizzard you are ruining the game fans for your future games.