Ladder Runewords

I’m seeing in patch notes that ladder only runewords will be enabled for both single player and non-ladder multiplayer.

I agree that you should be able to make ladder runewords on single player, however, being able to make ladder runewords on non-ladder takes the fun out of running the ladder (at least for me). I’ve never played ladder to reach the top of the leaderboards and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

What are you guys’ thoughts? (The Players)

Edit: I would be more opt to it if there was something added to ladder to give players more incentive to play other than reaching the leaderboards.


I don’t mind, for me at least, ladder is the fun of a completely fresh start for everyone.


True, though I tend to use the ladder to create the new character I want to try different builds on and attempt for the runewords in the meantime. Only thing that sucks there is having all my gear on non-ladder lol

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I think the devs saw the writing on the wall that the players at large were getting sick and tired of the special snowflake effect keeping them from enjoying all of the game just because they didn’t want to play on ladder only. Yes, you can mod that on the classic version, but you shouldn’t have to mod it. They brought in the shared stash both as a simple QoL and because they really didn’t want to see a repeat of the situation where you have to hotmule using ATMA (though they will still have to do that if they are intend on cheesing Gheed’s Fortune).


I Play ladder just for fresh restart


I agree, my only incentive to play ladder has always been the exclusive stuff like the events and gear/runewords etc.

However, since I’m playing this on console for the first time, for console at least, I really don’t mind this change at all and actually welcome it. Especially considering they were going to reset Ladder more often now, I’d hate to have all that gear and hard work go to waste months earlier. I am very happy with this change, and who knows, down the road they might change it again or they might even make new exclusive stuff for Ladder. Regardless, I’m going to start on Ladder. But once it resets, I won’t really care to delete my characters and start over, which I’m cool with. I’ve done that for over 15 years already lol.

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It’s fine. Non-ladder is for people who don’t care for the rush and just wanna farm online while Ladder will be for those who want a fresh economy and etc. I see no issue with the change they’re making.


well if it’s indeed a “forever” rules and not just on start (since ladder wont be there day 1) it’s simple

ladder system is killed with that

the only part left 'll be the lvl99 race (unless some *** who have no idea the thrue is most player 'll never be able to compete on that may it be the lack of ressource, time or team)

and the other and playing in ladder would have no sense

you new? well you can acquire most stuff for real cheap in nl
you old? race 99 probably aint something to aim at, ladder has nothing for you

and following the tos, you can’t even say “'ll play lad to try pump up my wallet” since you are not allowed to

and that goes without tlaking about the ladder duration, a race to 99 nowadays 'll take 2-3weeks at most on start (probably faster later on), any ladder going above 1 month 2 max of duration would make no sense since it’ll only be about a bunch a player on this topic

while putting everything available on solo was a *** great thing, pushing things this far might have gone too far for the game in time

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That is the greatest news I heard in the last few days. Now I will be able to create the build I want, even if it takes months, without worrying about the ladder season ending or things like that.

On top of that, the characters I will create at launch (non-ladder because it won’t be ready yet) won’t have to be abandoned later when the ladder starts.

I’m very happy with this change!


ladder won’t be killed because of something as simple as ladder runewords being enabled in singleplayer/non-ladder lmao. People will come for ladder for the fresh economy & racing to 99.


im pretty sure ladder wont be a ghost town just because non-ladder gets the runewords.
Its really the fresh start and the fresh economy that gives the good feeling

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I feel exactly the same about this, tho i have to say that it still resets the economy and people who just play ladder anyway wont feel a change. Imo it just splits the community morr. If we get ploot or even worse a option for that we are all over the place.
If they dont implement ploot i will just play ladder anyway.

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worst part here it’ll heavily split it from the start

it doesn’t take longer then the first posts here to already see it (styks) + all those who’ll start unknowingly of ladder but since they’ll have everything where they start they wont moove

only good point, the ladder start 'll be less heavy on the server haha

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Ladder will still also have increased difficulty of enemies compared to non-ladder.
I like this change, as it will not make non-Ladder more or less a useless experience. You can continue building your character after the ladder has ended - though you’ll probably have an easier time as enemies are not quite as hard in non-ladder games.
There is still enough differences that I’m quite sure most people will play ladder. But instead of mostly everyone playing ladder and no-one playing non-ladder, it might now be a more even distribution.

I agree to this here. It makes more sense now as to why they would do this change. A couple months isn’t enough time for a lot of us to grind out that ladder only gear. Especially those of us who have to work and/or take care of kids.

I think it should be allowed until the first ladder goes LIVE, then you cut it off, it will give us a chance to test before the first ladder drops. Singler player, sure should be on from the rip.

I definitely will not be playing ladders anymore. What’s the point?


I think it kills the interest of the ladder.
The ladder was fun because 1/ it was a fresh start and 2/ you have loot objectives to get the items specific to the ladder or the ladder-only rune words.
With what they’ve done, the ladder will be only a matter of compeition and be the first to reach 99.

I’ve played many ladders back in the days, and it was not to be in the top of the leaderboards.


I like it. I’m unable to play as much as I could when I was younger, so being able to play non-ladder and get the same items is nice, especially with their plans for shorter ladders. Imagine trying to get the necessary Runewords and other ladder gear while only being able to play for 2-3 hours a day. Stopped playing Path of Exile because they keep getting more and more focused on the players who can spend 12+ hours playing every day.


Yeah, I totally understand with shorter ladders it makes sense, but we shouldn’t be shortening the ladders and removing the loot. It’s a double mistake. Hopefully, they intend to add something to make ladders worth doing. I have plenty of time, but 3 months is to short, and no rewards means I’m not doing ladders.