Korean interview with Rob Gallerani about the future of D2R


Google translate link:

Some things in there I found interesting:

  1. Future QoL additions being considered (gem/potion stacking)
  2. Desync/rubberband improvements
  3. Cross-play being considered
  4. Ladder records (I’m guessing something similar to D3 where it records your performance/stats in old ladders)

There’s some other stuff in there too that I didn’t list, but these stood out to me. A lot of the same “focusing on stable launch/ladder start then considering changes after”, but overall pretty interesting article I think.


This is a bad idea, with the exception of PGems. Potion stacking will make hardcore significantly easier, and allowing gems other than PGems to stack will affect inventory management (not Personal Stash). D2 never intended for players to be able to pick up every single item - the player was supposed to exercise good judgement.


Though I will say it would be a good feature for console if they allow potions to stack relative to the size belt you have. Then you can drop a stack into the belt column and auto-fill it.

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Agreed about potion stacking, I haven’t given it much thought about the lower tiers of gems but I would really like to see Pgem stacking at least.

I excluded them from my grumbling for a reason - they are usually cubed rather than direct drops, so stacking them has a negligible effect on inventory management, while allowing PGems to stack saves everyone the most space in their PStash.

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Yea, potion stacking would be a no go for me. A cracked sash would actually be worth something because even though it only has 2 belt slot rows if you can stack potions then you see my point. Unless they made it to where potions only stack in inventory/stash and not the belt, but this would make it to where inventory/stash management wouldn’t be a thing no more because you can hoard a bunch of potions without worrying about managing none of them.


Q. As ladder items are available in singles, the burden on ladder items has virtually disappeared. Are there elements that can only be enjoyed in ladder play other than ‘competition’?

Rob Galerani: There is a system that keeps multiple records when moving on to the next ladder, and through this, users can feel proud.

This is kind of exciting, hopefully they revamped this into a more exciting competitive placement system. It really does sound like it.

Question: You suggested that the ladder period could be shorter than 6 months, but from the point of view of users who enjoyed the game in depth, there were many opinions that the ladder period is short. I wonder if there is any room for longer than 6 months, or if it is planned to adjust through several trials like the original period.

Rob Galerani: I think it’s important to set the right period from the start. Internally, we are considering within 6 months, but since it is made for community users, continuous adjustments can be made.

Hooray! They are considering making ladder longer than 3 months! 3 months is too short man.

6 months is too long. I want to get stuff from ladder to my PvPers faster than this.
6 months is an eternity, I hope it ends up being 3-4.

Agreed. But 3 is too short. 4-5 would be the sweet spot imo.


I think they have said that ladders will be shorter, I think if it does happen, four months is the perfect compromise between six months and three months, as with six months we get 2 ladders a year, with three months it’d be a quite crazy 4 ladders a year, but with four months we get a nice 3 ladders per year.

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4 would be pretty great.