Kings sword of haste

This page says it exists in Diablo 3 King's Sword of Haste - Game Guide - Diablo III

Where can i find it? Haha i have started a crusader and would LOOOVE relive the feeling Diablo 1

During the January-only event “Darkening of Tristram” the event dungeon drops items which are Diablo II like such as the sword you linked. They re-run the event each year. So, you’d need to wait until January 2023 for an opportunity to get stuff like this…

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From the original Diablo actually

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Ok cool, thanks…thats really great

The item in question is pretty much junk compared to the usual stuff available in D3 but if all one wants is the nostalgia factor of the nomenclature, there are quite a few Anniversary-related items that can fall, including:

Archangel’s Staff of Apocalypse
King’s Sword of Haste
Godly Plate of the Whale
Ring of Truth
The Butcher’s Cleaver
The Undead Crown
Harlequin Crest
Arkaine’s Valor
Empyrean Band
Optic Amulet
Griswold’s Edge
Veil of Steel