Karlei's dagger no hatred return on hit w/strafe

A number of times not getting 15 hatred returned if an was enemy already impaled.
Using Shadow set with cold skill. Guardians 2 pc " bracer and belt". Elusive and unity ring. Squirts Ammy. Zei’s, Taeguk, trapped, gems. Dawn, Mantle, and COE in cube. Paragon 1568, attempting GR 130.
Did 5-6 GR’s and hatred return failed in 2. One time right out of the gate and 1 time after dying. Once it fails I can never get it going no mater what. I have to restart GR.
Using the strafe/ drifting shadow.

Do you manually cast impale on new map/after death? So the strafe knows that it is suppose to use impale.