Justice Tempest hardcore build help

Having trouble with survive-ability and getting one shotted in T16 and GR90+

Full Justice with Crimson’s

~700 paragon

Standard skillset based on top of leaderboard

How are some of these guys hitting GR120 and surviving?

You need 100% uptime on epiphany.
Alot of cdr.
As mutch rcr as you can afford.
You may need run crystal fists and MOC also.
Dash every 5 sec for survivarbility.
And as a hardcore player i would go for unity also.

Monk is realy squishy.

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Got it, thanks. Which ability should I replace with Dash if I were to go with Crystal fist?

stone gauntlets… 100% epi uptime and if needed roll some rcr or get some loh.

Go the SWK route for TR since you can use 2 DR items (mantle of channelling & either cyclone shoulders or stone gauntlets) vs just one in the PoJ version.

I totally get what you mean. Survivability is horrible with PoJ. I’m barely crossing 400mil and it’s not enough to facetank melee hits even with 100% uptime on epiphany.

By comparison, my SWK version can cross 1.2bil toughness. It’ll be so much higher once I get stone gauntlets. With stone gauntlets, I should definitely be able to facetank everything. Right now, lightning elite and firechains affixes are very painful. I’m also running life per hit on one weapon. And I’m only paragon 700 in season. Already cleared 107 solo in 10 minutes.

Mantra of Salvation-Agility for the dodge
Gogok for more CDR, AS and dodge
With Crimson’s set bonus you want a Zodiac with RCR. You can either go diamond in helm for more damage or topaz for more toughness
With the spirit regen from the set and the additional RCR you could go Aquila Cuirass in cube with no downtime
Dashing Strike-Blinding Speed for dodge

You should go sunwuko, because with POJ the DR on set drops the instant you stop/interrupted Channeling.

I have died alot because a milli second lost DR from POJ. It is verry frustrating.


Hopefully they’ll give it the WW treatment (and soon) since that was a major problem with WW. The precedence is there, the devs just need to be aware that it’s a serious problem for the set.