Just wondering with the devs

If everyone asking for the zombie dogs (5 years? more?) - to be something more than a shield or a damage reducer and they actually become as effective as the fetishes and garg - If that has now been relegated as a lost cause? The apathy I see in some cases I am avoiding taking it in but I understand it.

Witch doctor as a class has been the bottom of blizzards bin for years now, the servers will go offline before that one particular skill returns to relevance unless they go out of their way to randomly decide that a WD should be reworked to be exclusively for zombie dogs and nothing else, but i find that incredibly unlikely.

Sums up how a lot of people are feeling about WD, I think, if they’re not still angry.

I’d love to see zombie dogs making a return to being something more substantive than just meatshields, but if Blizzard is going to make any changes to WD, I’d personally be asking for those changes to begin with Lakumba’s Ornament, Sacred Harvester, and Soul Harvest.

It’s a bit tragic that we’re at this point where the class is so desperately in need of assistance that I even have to say that. ‘Hey, fix this critical problem first, and then we’ll worry about having fun.’ :grimacing:

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I hear you. I realised I probably sounded apathetic myself.
I think abject disappointment might be more correct.

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