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Diablo is amazing, i’m kinda new to diablo series but i truly can’t understand how can someone say there are better games in such genre i just wish i played it long time ago, ofcourse different people different opinions but after diablo 3 i just must have diablo 4

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Book and Movie Proposals
I love the lore and npc interractions in Diablo 3.
It would be nice if a book and then a movie could be made for it. Perhaps even a string of movies; something like the Star Wars series of movies. Perhaps after the purchase of Blizzard by Microsoft and with their desire to “build community”, investment could be made into the Diablo franchise to make it become more mainstream and well known, not just for the games.
I am also very interrested in learning the sources that inspire the lore. A series of books outlining the lore could be written and contain sources for the ideas that, I believe, would add to the richness of the stories and make them more real and hence creative; a more “moving” experience.
I think my favourite quote is from Tyrael about getting all his eating out of the way for the whole day; this reminds me of something from a book called “The Book of Gan Eden”, [or the book of the Garden of Eden, a great read, by the way], where Adam and Eve who were “born” as adults and never experienced “bodily functions” until the day they were expelled from the Garden. They express, in the book, that they found the functions distressing. Tyrael also hadn’t experienced physical existence before and found he needed to learn how to live as a mortal (instead of an angel that never had to worry about such vulgar things). Although he probably did enjoy the more positive aspects of a physical experience. This would definitely teach Tyrael to be more understanding and empathetic towards humans.
More background story about the origin of the nephalim and golems and Lillith [who’s name, according to some, should not be spoken], characters like Amalek who was considered so evil by God that the Bible commands that his descendants be entirely erradicated from the earth. Back stories of characters like Baal, Mephisto and Baphomet would also be good.
There would also be potential crossovers to other books and movies like “Nightbreed”, based on the Clive Barker novel “Cabal”.

Game enhancement proposals
A collection of fan-made stories that could be ‘found’ in the game and read offline, could be fun.
Speaking in general, and in particular about Diablo Immortal, I would really like to see more support for the single player experience. Some times trying to get strangers to join a party who have the same objectives and gameplay is very difficult. I would like to be able to hire “mercinaries”, similar to in Diablo 3. I would also like to be able to hire up to 4 or 8 mercinaries with choice of class etc. and to develop these npc helpers with weapons and armour and skills.
When playing in a party of [human] party members, I find the cut scenes can be annoying if the party you are with just wants to proceed with the “dungeon”. Though this would be fine if the whole group wants to experience the “story” together. Would it be possible to have optional rules for participating in rifts and dungeons etc. as a party that say, that either everyone watches the cut scenes together, or they are simply omitted? What about gameplay options that support both single player immersive story mode, or multiplayer story mode. Perhaps there could be some way of keeping a party together as an organised team with certain agreed goals and objectives? Some people like a casual game play style and some like to work together on the story and progression, sometimes they like to change depending on their mood. I like to play single player and take in the story.
In Diablo Immortal, I find it annoying that when I want to interract with an NPC, I am constantly bothered with new enemies spawning and wanting a piece of me. I can understand that one may have to kill the enemies first, and then have a chat, but after that is done I feel no more enemies should spawn on screen or enter the screen untill after the conversation is done. Perhaps a safe zone of 3 metres radius around an NPC should be a safe zone, at least mostly. Not being able to stop and enjoy the conversation and experience and enjoy the story is disappointing. Sometimes you might want to just “hack & slash”, but sometimes you want to immerse youself in the full experience and story, etc. I would like to see a gameplay option of immersive story mode, with more cinematic “cut scenes” and voice acting and story telling, interspersed with “hack & slash”.

I would like to see areas of the environment that still appear “unharmed”, where it is still sunny and life is still good, and you are fighting to help protect them from the demons’ takeover.
Another good option would be to be able to play as a character who chooses to do bad things, like fulfill a quest to collect meal items for someone by bringing poisonous items as well or instead.

I would also like to see the removal of many of the caps in Diablo Immortal, such as only being able to do so many bounties per day. Why not allow a player to do as many bounties as they like? The maximum price in platinum in the “in game” market place should be increased. I think a price cap should be based on item tier and/or game difficulty, i.e. more valuable items should be able to fetch a better price. Also the waiting time to get paid after an item sells should only apply after a certain volume of sales is reached, normal volumes of item sales shouldn’t need any additional scrutiny. I am sure that some kind of AI could easily determine that a certain trend in sales in not consistant with normal play. So for everyone else the experience is easier and more fun.
It would also be good to have an NPC moneychanger where you could change gold for platinum, at ‘market’ exchange rate.


I personally don’t like the extreme money-gouging in Diablo Immortal. I do understand that developing games takes a lot of money and risk. I do expect to pay a fair price for that work. Perhaps a subscription model would be possible, designed around the idea that game completion and character maximisation could occur in say 3 months of play at 4 to 8 hours per day for the average player without any additional “micro” transactions. A “whole of Blizzard” monthly membership of say $20 per month, I believe would work. This would provide plenty of money for continued development and for creating new titles. This would put a cap on the cost of play and make the business of making new games worthwhile. Only people who are impatient would need to pay for micro transactions. Perhaps the model could be “Pay to cheat”, instead of “pay to win”, it seems to me that this is effectively the case already as people who can afford to spend ridiculous sums of money on every micro transaction they can get, will be able to finish the game much faster than a player who is patient and committed although, I think, this would spoil the gameplay leading to rapid boredom and moving on to play something else. Isn’t this the reason why cheating is discouraged by game developers anyway? That, and the fact that it is unfair to allow any kind of PVP where some palyers are cheating and can kill by just looking at you. Also seeing other players do this in front of you and being able to mass kill any enemies they encounter before you can have a chance to play is not anyone’s idea of fun. Who would want anarchy in an MMORPG?

I would also say to Blizzard that, in my view, you can go ahead and charge whatever you like for vanity items such as player cosmetics, costumes and penants / flags etc. I don’t care for such features, so don’t care about them being charged extra for, besides if someone took the time to create the artwork for the costumes etc, it’s only fair they be rewarded for their effort. Having said that I might be interested in paying extra for a selection of “period costumes”, e.g. American civil war uniforms, Roman gladiator “uniforms”, New South Wales [Australia] Marine Corp uniforms, etc. Characters with features of famous historical figures. Perhaps some people may like to pay up to $10,000 for unique player models that no one else on battle.net could have. This could be cool to have for serious players that are leaders of online clans.

General compliments

I think that the Diablo franchise is the best RPG series ever. The story is great and the gameplay is great. For comparison my other favourite RPGs are Sacred 1 & 2, [Sacred 2 has incredible scenery and towns with very interesting and unique architecture.], Titan Quest - Immortal Throne, Grim Dawn, [although I found the variety of scenery in Titan Quest - Immortal throne to be more varied and vibrant than in Grim Dawn, but Grim Dawn has much better skill trees, etc. Also Grim Dawn is very dreary, though I know that is intentional.].

I was happy to pay AU$154.95 for Diablo 4 as I anticipate that based on past experience with Diablo games that I will get great value for money and that I will spend many blissfull hours playing it. I am sure the wait will be worth while and that Blizzard will continue to maintain it with new features and updates / DLCs.

Lastly I would like to say, I love the navigation feature in Diablo Immortal, including being able to auto navigate from items in the inventory.