Just Tried Diablo II Again...Constant IP Bans

I forgot about how Blizzard destroyed this game with one of their anti bot updates which basically screwed the game for legit players.

Anyway I purchased D2 for this account as I had some bnet funds and just can’t get my head around the draconian measures they use in this game to stop bots which has never worked anyway…

I am constantly getting realm restriction on my IP for just exiting a game to log into my other character! Cant even play the game I PURCHASED!

These restrictions really should be removed or have a warning shown on your product for people to see before buying.

Imagine if D2R is like this…Game creation limits…in 2021. IP bans for just playing… Yeah I wont be playing D2R

I don’t get how they can even get away with banning your ip to stop you playing its pretty much criminal really. Take my money then wont let me play.

Just dumb really. D2 Sadly is trash with this system.


You’d think that they would amend their system before announcing D2R because you know a lot of people will (try to) log back in D2 to refamiliarize at the least before launch… And the state of D2 Realms is really an insult…

But nah, every public game is hosted by an obvious bot and the USWest login servers don’t even work. Incredible.

I did notice this every game is pretty much hosted by bots unless its like Act 1-5 or something.
So all these measures they added do nothing except screw legit players.
I just dont understand how they can even get away with banning your ip when you legally own the game. I still keep getting Realm Restriction for leaving a game then trying to switch my character…
Had to use my mobile hotspot havnt had one realm issue with that IP but I can also turn my mobile off and it resets IP after 30 mins.

If D2R has limits on things ill be getting a refund.

Okay. I, recently, purchased Diablo 2 LOD, installed it, read the rules, and started playing. I’m using my mobile hotspot with a USB tether. I’ve, not once, never, been banned. I don’t know which rules your breaking, to get banned, but it’s fairly obvious you haven’t read those rules.

Now, I was a little taken aback with the rule that you can’t switch characters to quickly, but I understand it. Also, scrolling through skills or gambling too fast. Seems like bots and duppers have really made it hard for the rest of us. Again, I’ve never been banned, and I played on battle net for three weeks solid. No mods. No mules. Just having fun.

Honestly, I don’t see what all the hubbub is about.

I started a petition back in 2004 against all these “Realm Down” temporary restrictions long ago. My main reason for doing so is that it was hurting legit power-leveling players like myself that could do Baal Runs with a full team of 8 in less than 2 minutes. Back then, there was a competition to see who could get first level 99 on each realm and they threw these "Realm Down"s as I called them sometime early August of 2004. Funny how Diablo 2 net site still has my old posts there LOL :slight_smile:

Once you understand it, then it is not so bad. However, new or returning players who are not aware, can get hit with a 2 week restriction - for using a VPN or using a commercial level ISP (work). Those are pretty common and a link to the restriction article when someone goes to install would be good.

I have submitted that feedback - because I agree, that even though D2R won’t be on the old Bnet system, it does leave a bad impression on folks.

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Yup. It basically bans thousands of players, and lets many bots flourish. Every bot has delays, and stuff to avoid these things. id argue its actually easier for a bot to time runs and delays then it is for a person so really the system punishes people much more by far then it does bots. I mean the bots are still clearly around case and point. The biggest issue is players dont get any feedback or notice of what they did wrong which can be a big problem, and reapplying a ban for trying to login without knowing you were banned? IDK its just a mess.

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