Just So I've Got This Right?

The open beta ends at Duriel? If so, can Duriel then be farmed?

Also, is this only on a realm or can a single player character be made?

Yes you could farm Duriel. After killing him the only change is that Meshif has no option to sail to Kurast, only to return to the main menu.

Characters are realm only, its a multiplayer beta.

Is there another beta next weekend for everyone to try, or is that what occurred this weekend?

Yes. Next weekend is Open Beta for everyone who wants to try it. It will be an online Beta to test the Multiplayer and to stress the servers.

Live release will have Single Player (and the Alpha was a single player test)

PLEASE NOTE: An Internet connection is required to download the client and play the test. The final game will support offline play in single-player mode, but you will be required to connect to the Internet periodically to check for updates.

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Anybody have any idea when the open beta predownload is going to be available on bnet as I have looked but can’t find the download button on the d11 reserected store page only pre order

click the game version drop down menu

Don’t have a drop down menu

Just pre purchase no other options

Open the Blizzard Desktop Launcher

  • Click “All Games”
  • Select D2R (and mark as Fav if you want it at the top of the launcher window)
  • Over the Play button find the drop down menu and select Beta
  • Install
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Still only got pre- purchase no other options I’m guessing the beta download not available in UK as yet but on all games diablo 2 resurrected has beta on it

Any information as to when the beta goes live?

Yes… in the Beta Announcement. Unless you mean the download and it looks like the pre-download is now working so folks can get ready.

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Thanks! I downloaded it with you previous instructions.

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