July 13 - D2:R News: Technical Alpha Learnings

It is cool to finally see a blog. Good stuff presented such as the globe filling and skill animations (which we already seen the skill animation and color fixes during E3 trailer), 3 shared stash which was generally the thought since there was an image during Blizzcon for it (and no unlocking to boot it seems), and a future blog on additional QoL changes probably before Beta is live. I find it funny though for no mention of Switch (not of interest to me, really) but I wonder if it will end up using D3’s peer to peer system for multiplayer and be it’s own thing, and no mention of classic non expac for shared stash (of interest to me, especially if no balance changes to LoD in the near future or ungating of ladder only).

I still think I’ll be leaning more towards a hopeful updated Plugy after season 1, unless they address ladder vs non ladder and longterm play with our non expiring characters (this will especially be important for console players if they don’t add cross play eventually), but more QoL is incoming which will be nice. I’d imagine to see in game runeword lists and possible skill hotbar are going to be the biggest additions we will see by launch (since they keep mentioning accessibility).

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Almost speechless. Amazing work. The spells look great. The graphics look phenomenal. I prefer the pre-feedback skulls but honestly that’s just being extremely picky. The item art is better than I could have imagined. I’m here for this


Yea I was confused as to why they had complaints about skulls not being right? I thought they looked fine as the more realistic ivory colored hue, than pure white. That being said, the more white is more true to the original.


Most of what i see here is promising and i had begun wondering when we would see an update in the last few days.

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Going to drop a pin here to help gather feedback on the info shared through the blog. Appreciate the share and we’ll keep an eye on this thread! Looking forward to dialing in on your feedback :slight_smile:


Seeing the new potions are nice, how will rejuvs look? Did there appearance change? What about the stamina, chill, antidotes?

Knowing if these changed aswell would be helpful.

Chat Gem thing… Tell me more please.

Dude the loading screen must be vanished at all, even 600 miliseconds loading screen could be deadly for Hardcore


Loading Screen: Character Vulnerability & Time

Characters will no longer spawn in a hostile place until the game is fully loaded, preventing characters from getting attacked or harmed during a loading screen. Additionally, the overall load times will be faster.

This is from their new blog post.


They stated in the blog that the character would not load in until loading was complete. So shouldn’t be an issue.


There are 8 different D2 game modes on Battle.net:
Classic Softcore Non-Ladder
Classic Softcore Ladder
Classic Hardcore Non-Ladder
Classic Hardcore Ladder
Expansion Softcore Non-Ladder
Expansion Softcore Ladder
Expansion Hardcore Non-Ladder
Expansion Hardcore Ladder

When logging onto D2: R, and you get to the character selection screen where it shows the current character, and the act you’re in in the background they should have different tabs for each game mode to make it easier to select your characters for each game mode instead of having characters mixed with different game modes.

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I still want to see what will happen when entering Duriel’s chamber with the updated loading screen :slight_smile:

I, for one, do not want to know. Duriel’s plans supersede anything Blizzard does, lol.


Pop a few thawing potions beforehand, it will turn his claws into soft pillows of cuddliness. :stuck_out_tongue:


is not about Duriel freezing you but the speed he comes to you with charge skill

Based on what they mentioned it will make sure asset load is complete before adding the player so while there may be a load it won’t start until everything’s loaded.

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I am sure sometimes that loading time will fail it’s new repaired timing and a hardcore character will die due to that !

That would be considered a catastrophic failure and it wouldn’t be left in that state. Besides, loading orders are pretty strict so I doubt it’ll have any problems. Now, your personal hardware may come into play but that’s something that you’ll need to consider as an end-user.


All the changes resemble care, polish, and attention to detail.

The potions are the most noticeable. A very nice alteration.

The rework of the Sorc’s Blizzard coming in at an angle is a better representation of a high wind + ice interaction, as opposed to straight down.

The Skull “gems” look better without so much shading, an improvement.

The post alpha bow is a fuller and a “meatier” representation of a bow. The original looked more like an icon or placeholder.

Three shared stash tabs seems to provide the best blend between functionality and aesthetics. Anymore than three shared tabs and it would begin to feel like Mary Poppin’s property.

A very nice summation of QoL additions. A bit underwhelming in that the most talked about issue isn’t mentioned, but then it wasn’t a QoL issue. I look forward to playing the beta.


I also highly appreciate the increased velocity of the shards falling from the sky for Blizzard. It’s a nice touch.