Joining Group bounties

Apparently I’m doing it wrong. How do group bounties work? What’s my roll when I join a group?

I don’t do public bounties, but here are tips I’ve gleaned:

Each party member does an Act solo. ex. You do Act I, another player does Act II, etc… if 4 in a party all team up for Act V with each doing a separate bounty and tag teaming the final boss.

Leave some empty space in your inventory for the Horadric Caches. When another player finishes an act and turns it in the reward appears in your inventory automatically. If you don’t have space it just appears on the ground and you may miss out on it. People on the forums have whined about that, but just save yourself the grief and leave some open slots.

Farm on your own time. Bounties are to get the mats from the caches. Pick up DB’s, gems, odd mats that drop and maybe (?) legendaries. Leave all the yellow and blue and white items.

Don’t spend time in town salvaging, identifying items, crafting, gambling or tweaking your build. That’s a good way to get booted. Public Bounties are about speed and efficiency. When you finish an act, port to town, talk to Tyrael and then move on to the next bounty. If you have any legendaries throw them in stash and ID them later. Throw Horadric Caches in there and open later as well.

When doing one Act other players may start a boss fight in a different Act. A window pops up - DO NOT join them! Stay with what you are doing.

Skip trash mobs as much as you can. Get to the bounty objectives and complete as fast as possible.

Skip random cursed chest events you might run across, unless that is the bounty objective, or if they help with killing XXX number of monsters. They burn up time and very rarely (if ever) have anything in them worth fighting for.


Each player splits up (hence why it gets referred to as split bounties), usually taking a different act each. You each complete the bounties in your own act, then take 1-2 of the remaining act’s bounties. In this way, you personally complete 6-7 bounties, but you get all five reward caches, because the group combined has done all 25 of the bounties.

Etiquette suggestions…

  1. When another player reaches a boss, you’ll see an invite to join them. Don’t, stick to your own bounties, unless it’s the very last bounty of the 25.
  2. Find a rainbow goblin and kill it, leaving behind a portal to Whimsydale. Announce to the group you’ve found it, but leave completing it until after the bounties are done.
  3. Find a goblin and it leaves behind a portal to The Vault or Not The Cow Level. Announce to the group you’ve found it, but leave completing it until after the bounties are done.
  4. Fine a Bandit Shrine (it spawns huge amounts of goblins when clicked). Announce to the group you’ve found it, ask them to teleport to you if they want it, wait a while and once they’re all there, or no-one else comes to you, click it an enjoy the loot.

Further tips…

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Thank you both for the tips, I see why I kept getting booted now. Unfortunately some take this game to seriously and get over the top mad.

You’re welcome. And yes, some people get entirely too upset and butthurt over little things. That’s why I don’t do public bounties or play in groups very often. But, hey, welcome to the internet.

I just want to add that these ‘guidelines’ are not set in stone.

Some players are super serious. They will get mad if you can’t complete bounties at lightning speed. I always assume that everyone is this serious because it’s easier to deal with being wrong in this way than otherwise.

Some players are social and just want help. Honestly, I sometimes play T15 just to avoid these people. They always join the highest level possible apparently thinking that is were the good players are.

MOST players are just having fun. Nine times out of ten when a Rainbow Goblin shows up everyone stops everything and joins up outside the rainbow portal. If even ONE player says no then we finish the bounties first. Please, DO NOT grab white, yellow, blue items while the bounties are incomplete. Doing that is why people don’t want to run those levels immediately. Remember, some people already have those wings and just want to finish the bounties. Hate them for being lucky sobs, but respect that they joined a bounty game and not a rainbow hunt.

The key is to be respectful of all types of players.

The only time I get personally annoyed is when I have to run someone else’s bounties. If you can get all five in the time it takes us to get the other four acts then you are golden in my book.

That’s the keys to a having good time playing the game.

Unfortunately, there are those players out there so full of themselves they fail to realize that. Like I said, I avoid public bounties because I don’t need the drama.

There is 1 thing to add, if you happen to be playing a build that is very good at killing elites but bad at killing trash you dont need to do an act on your own you can also start by first hunting all the bosses, just tell it in chat that thats what your doing.

Same goes for builds that are good at killing lots of trash but bad at single target, it isnt bad to do the bounties your good/quick at and skip “your” boss bounty. again just tell it in chat