Jade harvester idea

As we all know jade harvester doesn’t work without “Creeping Death” passive skill, it means that we always have 3 passives instead of four, i think it need to be added inside 6-pice set bonus for make jade harvester more playable and variable.

I’m a main WD player and I play Jade Harvester since this set came out and it’s my favorite set.

My opinion:

No for the free passive. All builds (on every classes) need a passive.

Since the set came out, three important items appeared :

  • Sacred Harvester
  • Vile Hive
  • Ring of Emptiness

If this set need a buff, it’s about damage’s numbers or a (little) bonus when Haunt AND Locust Swarm are applied from RoE

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You forgot Quetzacoatl, it doubles the Haunt and LS damage. Maybe it could use a buff? I’d like to buff Jade without buffing other builds (at least not so much they go OP) and that could be one potential way to buff the build.

Ring of Emptiness is already quite powerful, I’d leave it alone for now. The only thing I’d change is to make it apply to pet damage again, it’d help pet builds.

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You’re right!
And I’m going to flog myself for this missing…

About Jade (my favorite set), I don’t have the good solution to buff it…
“Just” damage from the set…