Jade Harvest isn't competing

I mean, with enough paragon I am sure people can make it work. But when people are barley scratching the 90’s and 100’s. It is just a terrible option for something to actually play in Gr’s. I get told to use another set. Yet, Demon Hunter can use all of their sets and push higher than a 118 GR, which is the current highest on the leader boards. Crusader can use all of their sets also to push higher. So why would the witch doctor be the one that has to opt out of a set option to push GR’s with? It just doesn’t make sense. I made a YouTube video doing a T16 rift with the Jade Harvest set on. This is how it went.


Witch Doctor has routinely been behind for quite some time, sometimes getting a boost due to Shards or Ethereals but those seasons are dead and over, and so. with them, so is the Witch Doctor… pretty much a meme at this point. Rather than a different set, a different class is called for.

Unless you like the WD in which case stop whinging.

Jade need a buff/rework, I’m ok with that.

But your video doesn’t really reveal the problem. Your build is not complete and/or optimized.
In T16, you one shot elites easily with the right setup.

Get a follower, put Avarice Band and Flavor of Time on them, use Boon of the Hoarder and Goldwrap to make yourself invincible and forget about Zombie Dogs and Aquila Cuirass.

Put Belt of Transcendence in cube or use Fetish Sycophants to activate Fierce Loyalty, and equip In-geom for chain Spirit Walk and Soul Harvest after killing an elite pack.

Your build is wrong in so many ways.

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They need to bake RoEmpty into a passive and free us from this crippling ring.

Required by EVERY build.

Literally removes many jewelry options that every other class has for mega damage.

Our damage is extremely under par.

Harvester is an out of date set. You see 3500 and 10000 and think “Gee, those are large numbers for damage!” and at a time they were. The mechanic of the set is still awesome but the result is underwhelming when compared to other sets and classes.

The 2-piece causes additional damage, but does not buff any of the 3 main skills nor does that damage scale well. Which tracks as the set actually Does Not Increase Damage.

The 4-piece gives Soul Harvest all the runes and yet does nothing with those runes in the set. Sure Languish (armor) and Soul to Waste (speed) are super useful and do get synergy from other Legendaries used by the Harvester setup… yet where the set has the most trouble is damage and the Vengeful Spirit rune (Direct Damage) is just straight up ignored in the entire equation.

The 6-piece or the actual core mechanic of the set is very very very cool, but all it does is trigger a set amount of damage to go off. It doesn’t seem like that but read it-

“Soul Harvest consumes up to 10000 seconds of the [damage over time] effects on all affected targets, instantly dealing the remaining damage of the consumed duration, and reduces all damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds”

Yes, the 50% DR is great. The issue? No damage bonuses to Locust, Haunt or Soul Harvest. No additional dots from the WD skills are worth adding to that 10000 seconds either (which is sad because Acid Cloud is “jade” and kind of a dot) Your ticks from Locust and Haunt are doing No-Freaking-Damage, only the detonation from Soul Harvest is actually doing damage.

Essentially, in the current meta of the game and pushing GRs the main effect of Jade Harvester (Massive Dot-Damage Detonations) fails at a certain point. Since the set is not geared toward slow dot damage, it needs to find a way to up the literal execution of Soul Harvest or induce a secondary damage effect that scales better with the mechanic of the set.

My advice would be to incorporate the Vengeful Spirit rune by buffing its damage by XXXX% as well as causing the 2-piece to trigger when Soul Harvest is activated On-Top-Of the 10000 seconds worth of damage.