I've hit a wall at 137.. Is it because of my gear change?

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So I had next to no issues timing a 136, less than 20 keys. But I’ve hit a major wall at 137. I can’t seem to keep pace no matter what i do. I had a run with 3 strong pylons - 2-3 elites each and i was still 1 minute over time.

I think what may be the issue is that I rolled into a strong ancient squirts and a strong ninth satchel but neither has AD on them and my last two both had AD.

Considering I gained two 130 augs, do you think that -39% AD could have that adverse of an effect on my overall DPS?

This is my 1st season so I don’t really have a frame of reference for most things quite yet.

Thank you in advance!

The amulet is very solid, keep using that.

That quiver is terrible though, a non-ancient with proper primary rolls will probably be better. Just because it’s ancient doesn’t mean it’s automatically better. In this case, that quiver is definitely worse than a well-rolled non-ancient.

You’re basically considering whether the extra 900 dex (1000 + 650 aug. vs 750) is worth it vs. a non-ancient with better primary stats (crit and/or AD here, potentially CDR too instead of on your ring).

You’d need to have a good non-ancient obviously, which isn’t always easy either. But a good non-ancient with a high affix roll will beat that ancient quiver pretty handily.

EDIT: Also I have no idea why you rolled thorns on your belt haha. That’s a GG belt, but roll those that to physical resistance!

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve been looking for an ancient quiv with a high affix roll, and the ancient one rolled a 599% which is why i went with it. I went back to using my old non-ancients(with AD) and I saw an immediate difference in progression. I was just too stubborn to try since i spent a lot of effort auging the new ones lol

I rolled thorns cause I’m a noob lol

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137 has been a wall for me as well.

I’m on HC though. Fishing is just no fun.

you got really really nice gear. i think your main issue is P levels… if u were 3k = 5k more dex, prob can be 142+… i think with your gear, with right rift, you can do 1-2 more tiers easily…