It's a real bummer being a WD main

Pretty sure someone in charge of class balance hates witchdoctors. pretty sure they purposely ignored us for this season intentionally to give us a swift hypothetical kick in the teeth. pretty sure they know how sad we are and the laugh at us,.

A buff to Jade Harvester would redeem them in my eyes. I was surprised, to be honest, this season that they didn’t touch Jade Harvester. It’s probably one of the few remaining sets that have been left so far behind after all those reworks, new items, and new sets were introduced. Probably my fav WD build and also very unique but I wouldn’t want it to become identical to Tragoul blood nova. Any other buff for the other sets would be more than welcome. Zuni is great if you are a good WD player or have lots of paragons but there are so many other classes that do better and do not suffer from low toughness at the same time.

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if they’d ditch the RoEmptiness and just mega buff the locust and haunt damage until jade is viable like GoD ect then i’d be happy.

And you think you’re a main WD. Funny.

whatchu talkin bout willis

doesnt sound like you even understand jade mechanics.

and also, being a RoEmp supporter tells me youre casual. no real wd main likes being forced to wear that ring and have locust on every build possible.

For sure, I’m a causal WD.

I’m waiting for a proof of your WD’S GRxxx.
Since… 1 or 2 years?

What is your record with a WD this season?

OG WDs were rocking zerodog, before GR was even a thing. There was also the AH… the good old times.

They cannot code their game properly so they patch us out of the meta and nerf our skills into the ground because a lot of our skills cause DOT and lag the server.
So instead of fixing their game they nerf an entire class to the point of irrelevance.