Items with no legendary powers on them

OK, we know that we won’t have any major changes for itemisation going forward. Definitely no new legendary powers. So this one is a bit of a ‘what if’ question.

If there was one item (and only one item) that has no legendary power that you would like to see a power added for, what would that item and power be?

For me, it’s the legendary bow, Etrayu.

The power I’d like to see:

  • “When Vengeance is active, Sentries gain Cluster Arrow, Multishot and Frost Arrow as attacks and have their attacks per second and damage tripled. When Convention of Elements’ legendary power is active, the element cycled through will determine the rune selected for Cluster Arrow, Multishot and Frost Arrow.”

Why this power? The first T6/end game viable build I had ever made was the old M6 build where it would automatically fire your spenders. We sorta got that back and we sorta didn’t as sentries currently don’t attack by themselves as frequently as they use to. The power above is designed to keep us from stacking too many other damage multipliers by making Vengeance a prerequisite for these auto attacks so Dawn is required, and having to equip Etrayu means Manticore nor Yangs can be used.

Playing M6 actively will probably still be more desirable for pushing but this will at least give a more chilled/laid back way of playing M6. And cycling between different runes is a nice way to use some runes we don’t use much of these days.

Why Etrayu? In the old days, I’d run Etrayu with M6 for the extra cold damage. I just kinda have an association of that bow with this set.

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If I was going to wish for something it would be for some of the crafted sets to get some legendary powers. Like the Hallowed Protectors set or the Demon Hide set.

I was think the Hallowed Protectors could be something to do with generators or maybe a defensive buff through defensive skills or ultimate skills.

While Demon’s Hide would get a set bonus of some sort like 2 piece: Your attack speed increases by 20%, 3 piece: Your Armor and Resistances is increased by 50% and 4 piece: Your elemental damage is increased by 30%.

While Ahsheara’s would get a different set bonus that would make it a follower set that allows you to have all three followers when one of them wears this set.

Anyway, I figure since Guardians, Captain Crimson’s, and Aughild’s got reworked, it’d be cool to see the other crafted sets get cool powers too.

Frost Arrow is a skillrune modifier for Elemental Arrow.
To add, there are better options than forcing player to use CoE. What you are pulling here is completely removing any and all alternative item builds and funneling player to only one true option. Besides, you are also removing the cognitive checks that other users of CoE have to suffer for. If a build can simply remove the need of reflex checks of CoE, why do others even play their builds and wait for the right elemental cycle?
That’s not a good design.

This is like 3 legendary items packed in one. If you can fixate the non-static bonus of CoE like that, you’d also expect SoJ to work with it, which is an insane buff in my opinion.
Not even mentioning the function calls required to pull that.

Any attempt to buff Cluster, Multi and Elemental Arrow together are in vain, because Elemental Arrow has low weapon damage efficiency to start with. If you manage to make EA, GR150 viable that also mean you simply overshot the power of Cluster and Multi.
To make issues worse, EA spreads like wildfire and has a really long reach. I just assume afterthink calls for each sentry firing an Elemental Arrow with you, can lead to some performance issues. There’s a reason why Sentries ain’t designed to fire something like Hungering Arrow with the player.

Etrayu is fine, you can run GoD with it and no repercussions. Don’t scoff at cold damage increase. I don’t think Marauder needs any more buff either…

I want one of the powerless amulets to have Stone of Jordan power. Or COE. In other words, let us give up an amulet slot instead of a ring one if we so choose.

Wouldn’t be much use as that would be a net loss compared to necks we already have.

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Not looking to introduce too much power creep, just want some build variation possibility (which I guess would be power creep for certain builds but not most).

Must be a damn hard thing to accept that different people have different opinions :smiley: Apparently the completely hypothetical wish of the OP is totally wrong^^

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Wishing is not wrong. It’s the consistent torrent of threads opened by the community after making themselves believing into it is rightful or logical that are wrong. Having more legendary powers at the items that has none, is a long standing request by the community and developers only oblige when they’re capable. Some good design can come out from a hypothetical wish, you just need to question it first.
Developers usually introduce tested stuff into their game and not throw something at random to hope it sticks. One of the latest introduced legendary powers, Vigilante Belt, was pretty similar to what was once tested in Season 27’s theme by Crucibles for a start.

There are times I was wrong about design. For example; at the Sanctified items back at S27, people wanted to channel Impale with Strafe and felt left out because Strafe has the bow requirement while Shadow forces melee weapon. Developers clearly said that there won’t be any more changes to the skills years before that, and people just requesting something must be done. They see that the expression perfectly fits description of their skill but they can not use it which was frustrating.

I had no hope for anything to change and even told people with slight cynicism perhaps they should just play along and pick Sanctified Vengeance power. There were builds that were left out by Crucibles (Sweep/Bash’sader, LTK/Tempest Monk… etc.) at other classes, but I don’t see them opening threads so for me it was a hopeless quest.
Discussion heated for days and after a week or so, at the drop of a hat, developers changed the Strafe skill and it no more requires a bow. That was years after telling the community that skills won’t change anymore. The pressure can be good when used right but it needs to have some solid ground.

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It would be nice to have some fun legendary effect on Fletchers Pride, since it drops first every season.


Seriously. I have had around 50 Primal drops this season and have 3 Balefire Casters.

They don’t need to have OP power creep legendary powers on everything. They just need to put something fun on each one. If this is too much, maybe they change the drop rates, so that legendaries without powers drop far less, and fun gear drops more often.

Sad part is, it has been almost a decade since they said they were going to add legendary powers to all legendaries, and they still didn’t finish.


This is exactly what i was going for. There’s pretty underwhelming stuff like liana’s wings that aren’t OP or useful, but also not fun to use.

Fun to me means a new way to play.

Perhaps the section of the power i posted that said triple sentry attack speed and damage should be triple sentry attack speed and triple your movement speed… turn it into a farming setup where you drop sentries to kill for you and you just zip around collecting things and speed through the map.


Free Primal dust. I think it supposed to help you push elemental damage further for a LoD-LoN build but it’s completely worthless now. Potentially a Strafe LoD build have better options for dual wield, and FoK LoN is almost obsolete or even non-existent.

I believe if you replace Preparation with Bolas- Bitter Pill, GoD can put that small xbow to good use. Plenty of Discipline, mean plenty of spam of Shadow Power and Smoke Screen. Perhaps Fortress Ballista can beat that in terms of toughness gain but I wouldn’t know until I put that through a simulation sheet or give it a test run myself.

Basically, all of the popular Crucible traits should become legendary powers instead, because that season was the death of build diversity, but the peak of D3 if you enjoyed the strong builds. I, for one, would love to play that version of WoL monk perma, and I think we’ve more than earned the right to do so after they gutted the build. Strafe Impale DH would also be bomb. Just slap the monk power onto a belt and the DH one onto a ring or something.

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I wouldn’t hate that. If it would work. Although DH already has GoD and UE which are good speed farming builds I like the idea of a speed version of a build not just being “Swap out these 2 damage skills for movement ones and equip the standard few speed items every one uses”.

Balefire Caster could perhaps boost Grenade-skills to make Hellcat more viable. Grenade skills are fire too.

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I also believe that every build should have both pushing and speed farming potential, and whilst you can achieve faster speeds with M6 with the usual movement items/passives, it’s no where near as effective as GoD or UE. The advantage of M6 is that the sentries do the attacking, leaving you free to keep moving so I think such an item would add variety to the farming setups available.

True. This isn’t a bad idea and synergises with the item pretty well.

Though, deep down, I really wish S6 supported non-archery skills such as grenades, bolas and chakram. We’ve already had Bolas botched up with one of the key leg powers on a 2H bow so sticking with non-melee weapons really kills this idea… but considering sets won’t likely get any such changes going forward, I do like the idea of a 1h xbow buffing grenades… GoD and UE would get another option.


I’d like to see new universal legendary powers and also let them getting emanated for the followers. Talking about 3-5% gains here and there, so nothing game breaking.

I guess more amulets too. It’s always squirt’s or traveler’s pledge.

i wait GoD-Grenade long time ago! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a suggestion for Lianna’s Wings :wink: