Items don't show/paint in inventory/stash/bag/ground

Started a new thread as I’ve read through most of the other ones. So some people are saying it doesn’t appear in Act 2 Town or if you remove depth diggers from the Cube, or if you set the settings to high on the graphics options. There is no option to click back and forth between 32 bit and 64 bit on a Mac, so that is not really a viable option.
Even if some of these solutions are viable, it doesn’t help with gameplay. What if you are a DH and need to cube Depth Diggers? What if the game starts you in another town?
I can tell you that I’ve tried those solutions and although they may seem to work at first, it will revert back to not showing you your items. I have even tried removing Big Sur and reverting back to Catalina. This also does not work. Although Season 21 had zero issues on Catalina, this season seems to be riddled with this issue.
If someone can figure this out, let us know.


I see this issue happening any time you move from one part of town to some distance away. You inventory and tabs disappear and if you wait looking at stash chest or performing a blacksmith selling with tabs they are blank along with your inventory. Then wait the materials eventually draws itself several seconds later. That’s not the client being slow it’s the host. Late last night it appeared to improve greatly with less players on the California server. Also when as a DH the tumbling moves seem more jerky as the system seemed like it was pushed to draw where you were as as game GUI.

Same issue here, doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it. I’ll open my inventory in town and it will take 30 seconds before anything shows.

I can confirm that changing the texture quality from High to Low (or vice versa) fixes the issue for the duration of the current game. You just have to do this every time you start or join a new game.

You don’t need to save the new settings; just Apply, then immediately hit Escape three times to Cancel and return to the game with a working inventory.