Item change suggestions

Currently Witch doctors are more or less forced into running both Lakumbas and Sacred harvester to survive

This allows you to drop sacred harvester if you want to (opens up options)
In addition if you die to a rift guarding in softcore you aren’t now screwed because its impossible to get back to current 10 stacks to get the damage reduction needed.

Lakuma’s Ornament - Change to - You gain 50-60% damage reduction when you have soul harvest active.

Sacred Harvester - Change to - Soul harvest now gains every rune and can get up to 10 stacks.

Jade set change

2 Piece - When haunt or locust swarm is placed on an enemy it now applies the other to affected targets, If you cast haunt or locust swarm on an enemy already affected it deals 2000 seconds worth of haunt and locust swarm damage.

4 Piece - Gain 60% damage reduction whenever an enemy is affected by haunt or locust swarm, this effect lasts up to 5 seconds after no enemy is affected by either.
Soul harvest also has its cooldown reduced by 1 second when you cast haunt or locust swarm.

6 Piece - Soul harvest consumes your damage over time effects, instantly dealing up to 1500 seconds times the number of soul harvest stacks you have.

This should allow it easier to maintain the damage reduction buff (in addition to putting it on the 4th piece bonus) - Also might allow the 2 piece to be used in a support build.

Some legendary changes

Starmetal Kukri - Change to - Big Bad Voodoo gains the effect of every rune, in addition whenever you or one of your pets hits an enemy it lowers the cooldown of Fetish Army and Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second.

Last Breath - Change to - Mass confusion now gains the Paranoia rune. In addition the cooldown of Mass confusion is lowered by 16-20 seconds.

The Gidbinn - Change to - All of your pets attack the target you are attacking, In addition gain 2% damage reduction for each fetish you have out.

Voo’s Juicer - In addition Spirit barrage damage is increased by 45-60%. (Removes this from primary and adds affix to legendary)

Anessazi Edge - Change to - Whenever a zombie dog dies you and your pets gain 400% increased damage for 5 seconds.

Homunculus - In addition sacrifice deals 50-60%. (Removes this from primary and adds affix to legendary)

Deadly rebirth - In addition enemies can be affected by multiple grasp of the dead effects.

Wilken’s reach - In addition grasp of the dead deals 45-60% more damage. (Removes this from primary and adds affix to legendary)

The Spider Queen’s Grasp - In addition enemies caught in webs take 100% additional damage from all sources. (This would include the web from arachyr set 2 piece bonus)

Henri’s Prequisition - This effect can trigger again after 15 seconds after the enemy hit you.

The tall mans finger - In addition you and your pets deal 100% additional damage for each zombie dog and gargantuan you have.

Hwoj Wrap - In addition locust swarm gains the cloud of insects rune.

I am unsure if any of these changes would be too strong or not strong enough, though I would love to see more variety in the builds for witch doctor.
(Being forced to run Lakumba’s + Sacred Harvester with soul harvest is frustrating)

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These are good ideas, but you need a limiter for these to kick in once you are at p1000 or so.

What is honestly frustrating is the lack of area damage on jade build. Sure locust swarms hits everything on the map, but it doesn’t go up with nuclear-harvest//do any damage.

I’m a little confused by this statement. How is Jade lacking Area Damage? It is one of the most powerful stats for the build.

The reason Locust swarm and Haunt do not proc Area Damage is because they are Damage Over Time skills but Soul Harvest is not a DOT skill and it does proc AD.

… ok, other than the 20 yard radius, how can nuclear-harvest proc area damage? it only does DOT, and only to the targets in range… - I am going to pretend you mean the 20 yard radius of DOT. which is very very small on the map compared to Barbs/ mages, and DH’s.

You don’t even have the ability to stutter step with it, and drag oponets forward in grifts with the move.

The Soul Harvest nuke is what proc’s Area Damage. The damage is based on DoT skills but it does the damage instantly, it is not a Dot itself. Every enemy you harvest has a 20% chance to do area damage in a 10 yd radius. When you harvest a big group of enemies it will proc area damage from multiple enemies dramatically increasing the damage done.