It is necessary to weaken the Crusader even more

The Crusader’s AoV has been weakened too little, it needs to be trampled into the mud so that it can hardly close even the 100th great portal. After all, your goal is to spoil the mood of the players, so follow this goal to the end.

You realize that Soul Shards buff the ever living :poop: out of any build right?

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Indeed, then why did they weaken AoV, which could not even close the 150th GR, instead of weakening Akhan Condemn, which closes the 150th without any shards?

You realize these huge nerfs won’t be reverted when the season ends, right?

By the way guys, as it stands now, LOD Bomb crusader will be HUGE when combined with empowered shrine altar and thorns crit + CDR soul shards. Whoops I said too much, FUN POLICE PLEASE HAVE MERCY.


How can you be so shure? Nothing is certain. We’ll only know when next season patch comes out.

149 @ 12:40 clear isnt incapable of clearing 150, Its very capable in clearing 150. Sets have a defined role in each class fulfilling a purpose in within that class. Ask you self if akkhan can do this:

Do you understand what benefits these runs give?

In addition, in 3 man AoV FOH has clear 150 in 8:46 with 2 supports. Sure my team with condemn is 6:15 in 3 man but we had oreks dream with transformers field of misery.

You can be sure. History shows that anything players actually enjoy eventually gets nerfed into the mud.

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that I wrote about personal GR passing and everyone understood it… except for you… “genius”.

It’s your problem if you can’t see FoH clearly has efficiency advantage vs condemn in farming to prep for push. The 149 clr on ptr is a SSF record. Non SSF focused on group, it’s solo FoH topped 142.

And at the same time we always got a different build to have fun with. History only shows that people can only remember when their personal favourite was nerfed, or left without a buff. But conveniently forget about the fun builds we got in exchange, just so they can complain and play victim. It’s a cycle. I don’t know how people are still unable to see it. Builds go down, other builds go up.