Istvan's Paired Blades?

Has anyone tried Istvan’s Paired Blades with Inna? I had a Primal Little Rogue drop and still looking for an ancient Slanderer to give it a full run. Even before the primal, I was fooling around with the set and it felt similar to Echoing Fury with In-Geom but you lose the crazy mobility when In-Geom procs. The attack speed buff from Istvans seemed pretty noticeable in my brief testing with it. I was wondering if any of the number crunching testers ever actually crunched the numbers on that set. I know that it will not outperform ShenLong for GR Pushing, but it feels really smooth for GR farming and Torment farming.

If you want to use your primal sword, make a zbarb. It will definitely not outperform any of the weapon sets currently being used for monk.

Hi Khord.

Decided to test the Istvans in seasons.
The 2 blades are similar in power to my 2 shenlongs.
my times were 130gr in 6:40 and gr 135 in 14:48.

So a full 10 gr less than Shenlongs for me.
In ns which I tested long ago the Istvans were also 10 less.

But Istvans give more survival with the added aps and armor bonuses.

Enjoy this season all!

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Thanks for the test. I knew ShenLong was more powerful. My main question was is the Istvan setup better than the Echoing Fury / In-Geom for Speed GR’s and T16 farming?