Issues with mac os big sur

right away at menu the video is lagging then going into blacksmith a bit choppy even opening up the inventory there is delay. Game play is terribly slow. I know it’s not my internet because on my playstation it works fine. But, since I upgraded to mac os big sur. the game response is down right slow. Any thoughts of fixing or do I need to wait for diablo update?

what did you expect? Apple has long stopped properly testing their software releases and they are garbage.

I am having the same problem on a Mac mini m1.

Ooops ! wrong answer ! Do you really think that Apple or Microsoft or other companies really have to adjust their products to suit a game ? The real problem is the games manufacturers that NEED to ADJUST their products to follow the market !

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Try setting the Diablo to Open in Low Resolution using the Finder and Get Info. Works wonders for performance.

nah mate. Apple’s software testing is atrocious.

I have a Mac mini M1 and am having no problems whatsoever. Nice and snappy at high res. Many people are having problems with their mouse and keyboard because Apple uses Bluetooth Low Energy, not Bluetooth, and if your device doesn’t do this correctly then it’ll disconnect. Of course, the same Broadcom module also does WiFi, so when your mouse disconnects so does the Internet.

They need to make Diablo native for the M1, it should run much smoother then.

Unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen unless our sole Mac dev gets time to transition D3 to the Metal graphics API. OpenGL is supported only via Intel binaries and is deprecated and almost not supported at all in modern drivers.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Diablo 3 transitioned to Metal, but that would mean 10.12.6 is the minimum regardless of the XCode targeting when making the client build. Still, it’d probably fix a lot of the AMD issues the game has.