Is WD dead this season?

just wondering

i use to love WD but it seems to be irrelevant now

The last nerf finished killing it.

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It’s the weakest class out of all seven. Even if dh is also weak at pushing, at least they excel at something. I don’t like the term dead, cause mundunugu is still an above average set but yeah, wd is in the worst spot right now. We are gonna have to wait until next patch to see what’s in store for the class. I don’t know if one patch is enough to salvage the situation but we need at least 1 or 2 sets to be buffed significantly asap.

I was dong great progress and I think I could have achieved GR 150 this season but the problem is NOT the nerfs or the DPS or the survivability, the problem (for 4-player GRs) is that WD in GR 120 or higher makes lag so severe that it is unplayable. Actually this is a bug known (reported thousands of times over the years) since Season 1. Exactly like the AOE bug (you should have your AOE damage at zero if you don’t want to lag (a problem since season 1 again), you also don’t want to have a WD in your group no matter what dps etc they do.

Really? Good luck! :joy:

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It’s really, really struggling, and the changes to the leaderboards make it clearer than ever what a dire position the entire class is in. The GR 130 target they set previously has been blown out of the water by every single class, it’s just baffling to me that it feels like it’s only with WDs that they decide to draw the line. I just don’t get it :weary:

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As super secret support build… :wink:

Well if somehow you manage to pull it off it won’t be secret cause you will appear in the leaderboards and everyone can look at your gear/skills… Are you also talking for group or solo? Even for non season with very high paragon the class doesn’t seem able to clear gr150… I managed to clear gr130 with around 3.5 k paragons and it wasn’t easy…

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Group and this build isn’t a secret :grimacing:

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In any case, good luck man! :slight_smile:

I have reached out to hopefully impress the need for WDs to get massive help. Seems like everything needs a boost. Sets need to be reworked to favor specific builds. F.E., pets are divided into 3 different sets. Corpse Spiders are currently Arachyr, Garg are Helltooth, ZDogs are undecided and Haunt is Zuni’s. It would be nice if all of the Pet Skills + Haunt could be tied to one set instead of three.

Which set would you prefer to have all pets + Haunt?

Also, pet passives need a rework. Zombie Handler needs a rename to Pet Handler with an increase from 20% life to 80-100% life for the character and each pet with 1 pet extra each (4 ZD, 2 Gargs). Fierce Loyalty, in addition to movement speed, grants an extra damage modifier to all pets (200%+) and 1 extra pet each (5 ZD, 3 Gargs). Midnight Feast grants a multiplicative 500% damage boost and 1 extra pet each (6 ZD, 4 Gargs).

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I don’t have an issue with pets getting buffed but the skills themselves are somewhat problematic for high pushing. I mean, since they have a terrible AI and you cannot aim them (e.g., necromancer skeletons), this causes some issues with consistency. The only exception is Zuni or Lod dagger of darts, where the fetishes shoot exactly where you want. But yeah, no one will probably complain right now if WD got buffs to all the builds cause they need them. If it were up to me, i 'd still keep Mundunugu as the strongest setup cause the build is more tricky, hard to play, but at the same time more rewarding if you master it, so it makes sense to have it as the top option. It is also extremely fun to play.

They destroyed him as best they could, and now he’s the weakest character in the game. All sets can be deleted immediately! I wrote every time, but Blizzard ignored it. :frowning:

I don’t understand why they did it … it’s unbelievable, but they destroyed what everyone liked. :frowning:

An additional piece of the problem is that they brought the Mana Regen-fueled aspect of the damage in the 6-piece bonus way down to compensate for all the other pieces that previously worked (e.g., pet damage affecting the Phantasms). Having removed all the other damage contributors, they left this adjustment in place, leaving the set in its current state. The Mana Regen mechanic, at the very least, needs to be recalibrated. That is what gave this set its unique flavor to begin with. They need to go back to it, because it’s a sad afterthought.

The “fix” for Jerams Mask and the nerf to Gazing Demise was the most stupid decision they ever made. And they made many stupid decisions, but holy, this one won the trophy of all time stupidity.

Someone is having fun.

From time to time I just make a test run with different skills / stones … and it’s always a disappointment. They should end the season and start patching that bullsh**t out. At least, I won’t fall for another Blizzard game, seeing how they handle this.

WD needs more toughness, big time. Te only option now for DR is lakumba + sacred. There is coils but thats only good if you rock fire bats. And jerams only have dmg buff. Why not give it 20% DR after each cast of wall of death, up to 60-80%? And these are just the bracers.

What I don’t understand is that +10K% damage and 80% damage reduction seems to be the new standard for sets, so why not buff ALL sets at once to the same level? (Same with LoN/LoD)

Instead, they only buff one or two sets per season, and those sets then become the new most powerful. Same with the next season, and the one after that. Pretty soon the set that was buffed this season is the least powerful again.

I swear blizz does this on purpose to keep us frustrated enough to keep wanting more, something better. This is what creates addiction: that sense of “so close but not quite; maybe next time.” It’s also emotional abuse.

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I think damage reduction is another issue with the class that seems to be flying under the radar in talks about balance and blizzard patches. Everyone gets a decent damage reduction multiplier just from one item (band of might, elusive ring, halo of karini, daynte’s binding, etc). WD, on the other hand, needs 2 items to get there (harvester + lakumba). So every time one of the 2 weapons that you use, either equipped or cubed, is locked.

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Would it be a good idea to treat WD like a melee character?

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