Is this a sign of what's in D4?

The fact they kept this forum when they moved over, is it a sign that they plan to have PVP in D4 ?

I doubt this forum’s existence implies anything about D4. I suppose they just kept this forum from the old site just so they could move PVP related topics from other forums into this one (much like how one moves uncategorized emails into the “other” or “junk” email folder).

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They just copy&pasta’d the forum sections. Thats all.

I don’t have any hopes for this franchise after the last BlizzCon anyways.

Just like the mobile game D4 will have a shop for cosmetics, 200% Paragon XP for 30 days and the 15$ character boost that gives you instant max level and lets you skip the (intentionally boring) story mode.

We wouldn’t want a PvP mode because it’s “simply not fun” and a lot of work.
At least thats what they said when people asked why D3 wasn’t at least getting the Arena PvP that was playable at BlizzCon years ago.

Can’t wait for Barbarians in fairy costumes slaughtering unicorns.
Oh, wait… we already have this.

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