Is there Hope for Raiment and Uliana?

It has been years, but no sunshine.
D4 is coming in 4 months; do you think there is still hope for these two sets at all?

Perhaps, in 6-8 months. Not both at once, though.

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This could be my last Rant for Uliana before heading towards D4 perhaps permanently.

Add these to Uliana:

(2) Set:
Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies your equipped Exploding Palm. Stacks 5 times.
(4) Set:
Your Seven-Sided Strike deals 777% its total damage with each hit. You gain 77% damage reduction when there is an enemy afflicted by an Exploding Palm.
(6) Set:
Increase the damage of your Exploding Palm by 9000% and your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm.

Gundo Gear should apply the same Exploding Palm Rune as well.

I am not asking to make Uliana an S tier Set. Just make it not suck so much.

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If the devs follow the same pattern we are seeing for the last seasons, buffing some weak and forgotten sets, Uliana is a very nice candidate. The single target though is atrocious as it is. The play style is great but the rift guardian takes forever to die. I wouldn’t mind getting some single-target bonus here.


Used to love this build minus the rift gaurdian bit. Shame it’s been neglected

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The RG is the big huge wall.

Perhaps add an item for Uliana that buffs damage for long fights, similar to the Crusader’s Shield of Fury…

Redo one of the Uliana weapon, say Lion’s Claw:

  • Each time an enemy takes damage from Seven Sided Strike, it increases the damage they take from Exploding Palm by X%, stacking up to Y times.

It was the item that made Aegis of Valor the RG killer for a season, maybe Uliana will get the invites now.

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Let’s face it, is there any hope for the Monk at all?, seriously.

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This is the first time I play as monk and I fell in love with ulianas set, it feels so good when everything goes boom but the single target damage is so bad. I really hope they do something about it.


Probably no chance for a S29 buff, but if anything Uliana would be THE candidate of monk builds to be buffed for the last patch with S30


Since we’re talking about Uliana being bad, why do the solo progression builds not use Madstone? Does the exploding palm from madstone not benefit from the 6-set bonus of uliana?

Would be nice if it did and each punch from SSS exploded.

I have a pretty badass uliana but yeah it’s definitely sorta weak. Raiment definitely needs some love

Uliana obviously needs single target but the below proposal adds QoL+Speed as well.

Uliana’s Stratagem-
2 set - Exploding Palm is applied to any enemy that takes damage from the Monk.
4 set - Seven-Sided Strike deals 777% increased damage. Add 7% damage reduction (stacking up to 11 times) whenever Exploding Palm is applied. Lose 1 stack every 11 seconds.
6 set - Exploding Palm deals 7777% additional damage and is detonated by Seven-Sided Strike.

Gungdo Gear- Exploding Palm deals 77% increased damage. Gain 7% movement speed (stacking up to 7 times) when Exploding Palm detonates. Lose 1 stack every 7 seconds.

Lion’s Claw: Adds 7 attacks and 777% damage to 7SS.

The Fist of Az`Turrasq: Exploding Palm gains the effect of every rune. Exploding Palm’s on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm and its damage is increased by 777%

The Flow of Eternity: Add 777% damage to 7SS. Replace cooldown reduc. with “Third hit of any spirit generator creates a Shadow Clone which performs a 7-Sided Strike. Only Seven of these clones can be active at any one time.”

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Ofcourse no​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think this dev tem dont even know about that set​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I made a proposal for Raiment:

Unexpectedly, the Forum post has been censored.


I also made a proposal for Uliana: