Is there clan forums for Diablo 4 yet?

Im guessing there isnt because When i started to type diablo 4 , I seen a bunch of similar topics appear… But my question is this. I am looking for a Clan to join, but I am not a guild / clan hopper, I spend my time looking at different ones before joining to see their values, like what do they do, what kind of people are in it… etc… I been playing MMO’s for a long time. I got to beta test diablo 4 … I used to play Diablo 2 Original, then of course Diablo 3… but quit around season 12 … I was playing too many other games at the time and over the years.

Anyway… What would be the best route to look for a clan of people who are mature, been around a while, have down to Earth people. Not looking elitists, I been there done that with many other games… I like to enjoy a game, not it be a job.

Any Ideas? Like maybe there are Diablo 3 Season 28 players / clans that are planning to move over to Diablo 4 when it opens. How would I find such a clan?

In D3 clans are built from within the game and D4 will likely be the same so probably not until the D4 launches.

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I wasnt sure. Ty… I know when New World came out, well before it did, I seen people were already forming guilds. I am a military veteran, so I figured I would look for a military / veteran type guild… Shew was that a mistake. I thought , ok this should be fun, mature soldiers… WRONG… It was the worst guild I have ever been in. I never seen so much immaturity, and drama… talk about drama… I been in a handful of guilds in all my life playing because I normally stay with the one I decide to join. Thats why i take time to make sure its something I want to be part of. They were a lot different on Discord before the game went live, and when it did go live.