Is there a Rain of Vengeance LoN build?

Prior to the rework, Natalyas was a Rain of Vengeance based set.
I miss that playstyle :frowning:
Is there a LoN build that captures the old Natalyas essence?
I doubt it due to the missing cooldown reduction on hit, but still wanted to ask.

You may be able to chain cast RoV with Strafe and Zodiac procs, but there is no denying the multipliers on the old Nats set blow LoD out of the water: 14000% and 2 hybrids CC3/Aughilds, etc.

If they ever resurrect RoV, they should consider redoing it around Rapid Fire.

Essentially, cast RoV (preferably a long duration rune) then channel Rapid Fire to ramp up its damage. If Wojhanni and Crashing Rain directly multiplied RoV damage this would make sense.

We need something better than Pain Enhancer snapshotting for Rapid Fire.