Is the HC community on this forum dead?

I don’t see many posts in HC any longer, if any at all.

Is everyone just posting in general? Or did everyone just stop playing HC?

I guess some changed to D2R for now. But I am sure many of them come back after some weeks or months.

It’s been dead for quite a while. Very few people play HC anymore. That’s sad but I too only play HC as a diversion from SC.

I’m too busy playing hardcore to be reading forums.

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:poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:
Are you though?

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I play hardcore !!! But I’m one of the rare ones that doesn’t play season. Mainly due to botters. If the game is all about paragon why would you want to reset to 0 every 3 months

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Well, its not all about paragon for everyone, but if it is for you, then it makes sense not to play seasons. I play seasons for two reasons: 1. I like the season themes, they are usually pretty cool. 2. I enjoy the early game more than the late game. I enjoy building my character up a lot more than tweaking and augmenting, so seasons is perfect for me. To each his own! As long as you are having fun, right?


What is there left to talk about in HC that isn’t covered elsewhere other than complaints about dying?
I may just bump the tips thread.
OMG. Was that actually on the old Forums? I can’t find it.

Playing HC is really is a different mindset. It was always a fraction of the player pop with the rest of the d3 pop just looking at us like “dude r u nuts?” I have to salute the diablo team for carrying forth an idea that was invented in D1 by players who did it on the honor system into a real game mode first in D2 and later in D3. Hopefully it will be in Diablo Immortal and D4 too.

Personally I started D3 back in 2012 after walking into a Gamestop in my town and seeing that there was a new Diablo out. I was like “F— yeah!” I’m not sure why I was all gung ho because I while I loved D1, I hated D2 (I look back now and clearly recognize D2’s greatness and staying power, it was never my cup of tea for some reason). I installed D3 and was blown away.

At some point I discovered that D3 had a HC mode, which I “played” (on the honor system) in D1, and I went for it. Eventually my first hc wizard died a good death, completely due to my own stupidity and not a game/network glitch. I remember being really sad and upset and telling my wife that my first HC character died, expecting some love and and getting from her “Good. Now will you stop playing that game?”.

No, I didn’t divorce her.

I’ve faded in and out of d3 over the past 9 years. Sadly this game is dying a slow death due mainly to Blizz’s neglect, who for some reason lost faith in its premise long ago (before the necromancer release, which only happened because some dedicated devs did the grunt work of creating that class – whoever you are, I salute you dev dudes). In spite of the mgmt neglect there is a core of dedicated Blizz employees who somehow keep this thing afloat. The follower changes… Players were asking for that years ago! They finally did it! It’s awesome. Seasonal play? Awesome (that’s my opinion anyways)! Different sets. Ungodly power creep (done in the right way, surprisingly). Then you look at the concepts in Diablo Immortal (ignoring that its a D3 skin slapped onto an existing Netease game – my opinion anyways), had Blizz embraced an open world mode for Diablo 3… with all the things that go with it… would of, should of, could of… made d3 into an epic game on par with world of warcraft in its heyday (and not the shell it is now).

So yeah… this was a drunken rant… Drunk on wine. If anyone recognizes me they will know that’s typical.

To your good deaths and mine. I raise my glass of wine in your honor.

EDIT: not sure why I remembered this, but I bought D3 as a late “father’s day” gift for myself along with a leatherman multi-tool from Sears.