Is it time for a Salvage All Legendary button?

I’m at the point in my character grind where all I care about are Forgotten Souls and Bounty Caches so I can spam Reforge Legendary in Kanai’s Cube. I’m only ~850th on the Necro leaderboard so this is an issue that likely affects a lot of other players as well.

Instead of making us salvage legendaries of no interest 1 by 1, please add a Salvage All Legendaries button at the Blacksmith. Maybe make it Salvage All Legendaries (Non-Ancient) so we don’t accidentally salvage a Primal Ancient or potentially useful Ancient.


I’ve never tried it, but isn’t there a “junk item” option? Can you junk everything? And then salvage it?

Not sure if hat’d work or being even more annoying. I know you can junk/de-junk on console but I’ve never then tried to salvage… and it was always one item at a time.

There have been plenty of times I needed to salvage everything… but I know this would also lead to a lot of ‘restore my primal!’ or ‘restore my best legendary item ever found!’ demands due to salvaging everything instead of actually looking at it.

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Your post prompted me to do a little research and that appears to be a console-exclusive feature.

Salvage Legendaries (Non-Ancient) might be what we both want, then. Besides, I’d like to think the average D3 player would know better than to use that button if they’re still looking for regular leggies.

One of the biggest reasons I play D3 over most ARPGs is all the QoL features that have been added over the years. I feel like this would really benefit players who are at the point where they do not care about 90% of their legendary drops.

Fully agree. I didn’t even start until last week and I’m already down to 3500 FS from rerolling stats on various items. That will show you how many “legendaries” I’ve had to salvage already.

Someone once said “Diablo 3 isn’t an ARPG: It’s an Arcade Blaster with RPG elements.” I would like to challenge that statement by saying it isn’t either of the former. Diablo III is a recycling simulator.

Maybe, in addition to better control and efficiency in salvaging, we can start bumping some of those “non-legendary legendaries” off the list? Alternately, they could add new powers to the which do not already have them.

Legendary items without a legendary affix are beyond my ability to comprehend. Why do it?

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Well, leggies like Ouroboros or Witching Hour make for decent starter gear because they always roll interesting offensive stats. But yeah, they are rarely Best in Slot material.

I’m down to 400 FS and let me tell you, this is not a fun grind. I can do split bounties all day, just don’t make me salvage leggies 1 by 1 all day :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as it doesn’t auto-dust Ancients or Primals, I’m so for this.

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I’m 100% with you in this. Just add a simple checkbox that says “choose all legendary” after pressing the big button. Then, also add a separate one for set items.

I get that you want us to play more hours, but lets make those hours quality game play hours. Not just hanging around the house doing laundry and cleaning toilet hours!!!