Is Harmony worth it?

Is Harmony passive worth it? Or should I just stick with (+All Resist) on my gear? and if harmony is the way to go, which gear should I apply it to? I have heard that certain pieces of your gear can have (+AR) vs (x1 secondary resist).

Use d3 planner.
should be worth it. Sec res is a good slot, what do you want to use instead?
allres is also good but blocks other slots. Most people use all res still on boots, pants and belt and even on chest when you get 7 near and distance reduction.
people with many para replace allres on those items with life reg since they get many dmg rediction by armor and gain reduction to higher their ehp.

Revisiting this. I’ve seen different guides throughout the years recommending different stats. For example, Icy Veins recommends secondary resistances in lieu of all resistance on pants (when other stats not needed), while MaxRoll recommends all resist. The thought perhaps is that if you get a higher value of secondary resist on all gear (individual secondary rolls are higher than all resist values), that might counteract and be better overall than all resist on all gear where available, once you add it all up. And I have seen examples of this in the D3 planner in the past. But I assume that really only applies if you truly have enough secondary resist rolls and in every category. Otherwise, just go for all resist wherever possible (assuming no better options), and if you have enough secondary resists, then harmony may ALSO be worth it for those few armor pieces. Thoughts?

Harmony with Physical Resists is very nice. I solo push Inna’s with F&R Squirts and CoE, it is very fragile and is prone to death in mid 140s.

I believe this gear strategy allows me to take 2 hits before dying/cheat death, and probably more with Spirit Guards.


Interesting reading this when everybody screams that Inna is too OP. One would think that mid 140s could be facerolled with 6K paragon. I know soul shards will improve the build a lot.

I am doing things a bit different for sure – the Aughild version is fragile too, but I think the ability to get 1 shot dramatically rises because of Squirts and not casting Cyclone Strike until Serenity.

Using Spirit Guards and Lef shoulders without Squirts is cozy time – I didn’t spend much time with that setup, I went the masochist route immediately.