Is Bovine Bardiche bugged?

I have gotten several of these to drop in the season. But for some reason when I try and use them in Kanai’s cube. It is giving me an error that this item can’t be used. I am trying to open a rift to the cow level.

Are you clicking ‘fill’ out of habit? Cause in order to open not-cow level, you need to just hit ‘transmute’ after putting B.Bardiche on the cube.

No I don’t even expand that arrow…

Do you have one already open? Cause cow level doesn’t work like the Vault, which closes after you open the chest. There can only be one per game, like the rainbow level. You need to make a new room to open another.

No to that as well. /10 char

I have used several already with no issues at all.

Thank you. I am just hoping it’s something on my end.

Is it a level 70 item? I don’t know whether you can get a BB with lower than 70.

Yes it’s level 70. I didn’t get any to drop before then.

Are you trying this in a public game or a new private game? Sometimes in publics players would move to a different town for closer kadala/cube/blacksmith/mystic/gem, and open a cow level there without you knowing. Have you checked if other Acts does or doesnt have a cow portal already open?

A fairly recent patch made it so the odd goblin will now randomly open a portal to the cow level. You don’t even get any sort of message notifying you of that in the chat window. If the bardiche doesn’t open a portal at Kanai’s Cube, more than likely some player killed a goblin somewhere that already opened a portal to the Not Cow Level.

Also, I don’t think the portal shows in every town when opened. Be sure there isn’t a portal already opened in another town.

Pretty sure that’s been a thing since they added the not the cow level, since initially that was the only way to enter it.

That said, good advice!

Since I play in private games someone opening another one somewhere via goblin shouldn’t affect me.

Working as intended then. There is no cow level.

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Can the OP post a pic of what happens, then we can see.

It must be you Lisa I open bovine regularly and it never happened, I see you below 1k no offense, so it’s more likely you do some wrong

This happened to me once , in S19 I think, while playing in a private game with a friend.
We both had to exit and restart BNet to correct it.
I have no idea what caused it and it has not happened since.

True. If a goblin that you kill opens a portal, no doubt you’ll notice it.

wow… I didn’t even know that this was an option. Must have dismantled a truckload of those…

Are there more items like this, besides the puzzle ring?

I think it would be cool if it sometimes dropped on all classes… It isn’t a huge deal but for something that can make a difference in your paragon overall it seems a bit bad that it doesn’t drop for everyone. Or rather not nearly as often.