Interrupts by "security check"?

I just got back on D3 to play Solo Mode and I am periodically having lag and or disconnects sometimes where my Bnet app brings up a small screen titled something like Security Check for a few secs then minimizes again and leaves me on desktop where I have to go back to my game. Is this normal or just me?

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Can you manage to get a screenshot of the small screen, upload it to a picture hosting website such as imgur and link it here ?

If needed, there’s a post here with info on how to link screenshots.

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Do not, I repeat, do not leave the app open when a game is playing. Set it so that it closes once you launch a game. It has been becoming more and more broken over the last few months and the introduction of the security check feature is new and is causing problems not just during gameplay but during launching of the app itself. Do yourself a huge favor and just set the BDA to close on launching a game. Your play sessions will thank you, as well as your computer’s resources.

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I have to agree with this myself. Definitely has gotten more buggy lately and setting the app to exit will be highly preferred.

I often switch between two internet ISPs here, simply by swapping the cable on my PC. Lately when I do, the app gets stuck trying to log in again, or won’t log back in and I end up having to exit it to fix it. So yeah. It is a problem.

Thank You soo much! my dcs are virtually nonexistent and more like what I had before. Plus my bnet app doesn’t make me sign in every time I open it even when I have the save pw option on anymore. The only thing I can blame any remaining dcs and lag on is the poor connection in the rural area I live in(I knew the interrupts had gotten worse since last time I had played D3)


Ah-ha! My girlfriend and I have been getting repeated disconnects from Classic. They’re lining up with these security checks more often than not, feels like.