Insight from a fan of dead games

i’ve played a lot of good games that ended in the graveyard of “literally unplayable games”.

and their forums were full of “if you don’t like it go play (insert unrelated game they hate)”, “go play something else, filthy casual this is a pro gaem”, “don’t let the door hit ya lol”, “your wrong on so many levels” and “reported becuase i disgressed/digragree” and the ever classic “LOL none cares” replies. and don’t even get me started on the waifu posts.

a few days after they announce the end-of-life/shutdown date, then those topics turn into “sign this to revive the gaem” or “please post if you play this so devs backpedal on their decision” or “5 ideas to bring players back” “save the game make it F2P” “free skins will save it” only for it to die faster.

if a toxic environment in social media is the most recognizable trait in a game, no magic will prevent those games from failure.

battleborn was a good game with one of the most toxic playerbase i’ve seen since LoL, not to mention they dared to challenge overwatch at launch and they both launched a few days apart. they branded it the overwatch killer and they weren’t even similar.

for those who don’t know it, it was a first person moba with a juicy story mode, loot and had more voice lines than any game i’ve played (38 characters with thousands of voice lines and procedurally generated levels would trigger different interactions depending on the characters on your team)

paragon was a good game with the most brain-dispersed opinion in a playerbase ever, some wanted a traditional moba, some wanted a plain rpg, some wanted a yugioh simulator, some just wanted to have a soccer themed map (not joking)

i can mention a few hundred games that followed that pattern but if you see the resurrection forums, guess which game is on its way to the graveyard?

have you seen how many people liked the beta so far on ps4? 681.

681 people of the supposed 100,000 people that preordered on console and adding the three consoles that’s not even a full 2%.

let alone compared to the billion sales someone said were “guaranteed”.

i get diablo is a pcmasterrace game, but to put this in perspective, fortnite is also a pcmasterrace game that has 1,967,377 likes on playstation alone, and overwatch: Legendary edition has 13,075 (original version is no longer listed) add the people that just plays and don’t even know voting is a thing, those numbers (even the overwatch numbers) could be ps4 D2R copies if community wasn’t so toxic towards people that don’t think like you guys.

“console peasant” only because i own D1, D2 and D3 but not D2R on PC.

“consoles are not meant for serious gaming”, “lol ps5 is ancient hardware” “consols are ded”

and you know what? i liked battleborn, despite having an abysmal fanbase. just the same as i like D2 despite fanbase being so hostile towards outsiders.

maybe consoles are not meaningful to you guys, but translated to potential raw income, it can be the nail in the coffin to the franchise, let alone the future of D4.

not because of the game itself, but the hostility towards “n00bs”, “casuals”, “non-iniciated”, “streamers”, and generally anyone who is not a purist that love a short stamina bar.

that aspect is the most decrimental to the game, even more than bugs or the lack of features.

and i don’t see this “friendly and inclusive community” changing their ways.

just don’t cry when they pull the plug and realize that was on you guys.

thanks for coming to my TED talk. Actual TED talks on first month mondays.

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Diablo 2 is one of the handful of games that still exists online to this day for over 20 years.

Dude you’re comparing diablo 2 to games that didn’t even last a year.

The reason why diablo 2 still exists today is BECAUSE of its mechanics and game design. They already addressed two of the games most archaic designs by adding auto gold pick and adding a seriously generous stash.

Newbs don’t get it. Stop getting mad when vets say this. Stop acting like the people who played this game for 20 years don’t know what they’re talking about and just LISTEN. This is why vets are upset about the modding. ALOT of the issues of this game can and should be addressed by modding because not everyone wants changes that some newer players are suggesting because it will seriously affect the economy and online environment. But the option should be there for players to change the game themselves for singleplayer. You have got to understand that something like personal loot will absolutely destroy the online economy faster than what normally happens.

Edit: also i’m not sure why you’re complaining about console. It runs pretty good and controller isn’t bad. But if you’re talking about lobbies then hell yea consoles need a functioning multiplayer lobby system.

i agree.

no, im comparing them to Diablo 2 Resurrected, if you didn’t know, it’s a standalone game being sold today and the forums related with the game. READ.

actually, no, it’s because people refuse to play something more polished and modern by today’s standards for a myriad of reasons.

but nostalgia beats reason when it comes to remake, always. thus, my post.

and i’m not against them, i.m against the attitude of the community, did you went through my post at all? also, most archaic designs are actually loot related.

and “vets” don’t get why “newbs” don’t want to suffer with game mechanics that are dated by 20years.

and stop acting like the people that DIDN’T played this game in the last 20 years, don’t know what you’re talking about and just READ

i’ve played the game since day one, it’s a good game but it still a 20 year old game.

again, no. most vets do modding. i hate the phrase but check your facts. most “vets” use mods. purists are only a 1% of current playerbase. nevertheless, i never mentioned mods. READ people.

i don’t care, i play alone, but i get it. i never said personal loot is a must, i said “forum attitude towards different opinions should change” did you even READ?

zoom function is nowhere t be found, keys are not actually bindable, control scheme differs from diablo3 completely, you can’t pan the map, most doors aren’t really visible, inventory bugs are plenty, no true multiplayer support since lobbies and chat are not implemented, and a myriad of minor bugs.

now read the topic and tell me where did i mention something about anything you wrote.

aer you replying the wrong topic? wrong user? wrong planet? READ people.

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Honestly man I’m not gonna bother. It just seems like you’re just looking to argue for the sake of arguing. Totes dude.