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For Malaysia (in SEA) users/gamers. Which server would be recommended to play on? I am confused to choose either NA or Asia. A lot of my friends plays on NA and yet Malaysia is also part of Asia country. I don’t know which to choose. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::cry::disappointed_relieved:

Americas region has 3 servers worldwide: NA, SA and AU.
Asia has 2 servers: KR, and TW
EU has 1 server.

Geographically, MY should be closer to AU and therefore you should choose Americas. Asia servers should be second choice. (Best way is to test them yourself.)

I don’t know if the launcher will connect you to AU by default. If not, you can add an argument to force it to. The following is a list of argument corresponding to each region/server. If you use a wrong argument, you’ll get an error.

Use these arguments:

Region Server Argument
Americas NA OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default
Americas AU OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1
Americas SA OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=SA1
Asia TW OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=TW3
Asia KR OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default
Europe EU OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default

Make sure using the corresponding arguments for a region. Otherwise, you’ll get an error when launching.


Thanks for the best-solution practice provided. Very very much appreciated.

Distance from Malaysia to Taiwan is 2,972 km

Distance from Malaysia to Australia is 4,743 km

So what the solution???

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