Inna Water Allies Query

Sometimes I’ve noticed when I push mystic ally button the men don’t transform into waves, they stay as a bunch of men until MA has come off cool down.

Or alternatively, 5 seconds after they turned into waves they turn back into Allies again.

Is this from spamming cyclone strike too much, or fists (generator)?

I can’t work out why they convert back or don’t change sometimes.

Thanks guys

I played recently wondering why my water Ally was turning back so quickly and I realized I forgot to equip or Cube The Crudest Boots. As to why they don’t transform into the waves sometimes I don’t know.

It’s definitely buggy for sure.

Always check for crudest boots lol

The extra allies that the 6 piece spawns have a limited duration. They may not be reverting to their non wave form. They may be expiring due to their limited duration and new ones that get spawned are in their non wave form until you activate Mystic Ally again.


The Crudest Boots definitely increases that duration.

Also you need to attack mobs with either Cyclone Strike or your generator first, and after you can press Mystic Ally skill and they will transform and stay transformed. Pressing Mystic Ally before any attack wont activate them and you have to wait out the CD. Only use Cyclone Strike every 5-6sec to activate your buffs, NOT all the time.

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It does on the two native ally’s you have, but not the set summoned ones. So what i do is wait until i have only two ally’s in wave form, Then hit a mob then activate the set ally’s. Takes a little practice to get the cool down and timing right. But when i do get it right they clean house.

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Depends on the build.

With the poison diabo, I can just spam cyclone to my hearts content.