Inna monk allies dying right away

Hopefully someone can help me. I see all these people playing inna and they attack and get all 10 of their allies and then hit the button to turn them in to waves and then for the next 10-15 seconds have waves crashing and killing enemies all over and then they hit the button again and repeat… when I do this they turn in to waves for maybe 3-4 seconds then back to blue guys standing around and doing absolutely nothing? What am I doing wrong and why don’t my allies last as long or attack? I use all the items I’m supposed to based on max rolls builds? I have stood still, I’ve dashed around, I’ve attacked… I’ve tryed everything after I activate them and they always last only a couple seconds and then keep respawning as the basic guys standing around looking dumb… plz help. Lol.

*FIGURED IT OUT!!- I was using an old pair of crudest boots from a couple patches ago and they don’t have the added damage or added time for allies to dry alive. All good now thx