Inna earth is very fun but broken

hoping there is a fix in progress.

That moment when you’ve perfectly aligned all your skills and cooldowns, you have 4 elites all within spitting distance of dying, you pop your mystic ally unleashing all your nephalem power… and not a single boulder even visible on the screen. Half way through your earth convention rotation, a couple roll into view, hit a few trash, and roll off screen again.

Seriously there’s so many easy ways to fix this.

  1. Revert earth ally’s to regular followers after 8 second windows. They’re only powered for 8 seconds, why do they stay as boulders for multiple convention cycles? The regular ally’s seem to stick closer to you. Right where you want them when you pop mystic ally


  1. Have the boulers teleport to your location when popping mystic ally. If they can atleast start near you, it works decently, even if the ai sucks.


  1. Have them target what you click on. Difficult if there’s lots of trash and trying to find the elite. But would be workable


  1. fix the ai

I was struggling at gr 122 ( which sounds awesome since I haven’t played for many seasons, but I really haven’t played much this season.) Til I realize the playstyle I need is to hit ‘t’ to portal back home, or to find the portal to the next level and come back, or die. Goofy when dying can play a positive roll in your playstyle, but it resets the ally’s at least.

Here’s another suggestion:

Skill Change: Mystic Ally Earth Ally
Decrease damage from 4500% to 1800% weapon damage.

Binding of the Lesser Gods
Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150% - 200% more damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds. Spirit Fire Allies gain 2 times this bonus.

Return to the more universally enjoyed version of the fire build, Earth Ally gets toned down since it is too quirky. Players may still use it, but the main stream will take the less infuriating fire rune.