Inna 6 Justice 4?

Has anyone ever seriously tested Pattern 4 piece with Inna 6 piece? I was using my Inna 6 Raiment 4 doing some bounties early in my season journey, and I noticed that Pattern uses the same gear locations as Raiment (duh).

If you cube WKL and use Earth Ally (Water allies wave attacks take up too much of the screen and don’t allow your SW to hit anything and prevent it from staying at 3 stacks), then your boulders from Earth Ally are getting a free proc of BotLG from WKL and also enemies get grouped up by the free CS (which can be freezing enemies or giving you life depending of your rune).

I know that it is NOT a Push variant, but it seems pretty speedy since you can use Tailwind rune on TR and Zodiac ring should be proccing often to reset your Mystic Ally skill. You also get some extra move speed from SW and PoJ 2 piece. You can use Taeguk to get some extra damage and defense since PoJ 4 piece will let you channel TR to infinity and beyond (plus the boost of Spirit from activating Mystic Ally).

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