Incoming exploits GG Blizzard (RIP Season 25)

I still think we should create a GFM account for him so he can get some meds.

So according to you Demon Hunters are cheaters. Thanks for the heads up.

So, bugs in the Asia server are somehow going to affect all of the other servers? Problem with this post is that it is in the wrong region forum. I’ve seen several posts of people showing how a bug at the end of season 24 IN THE ASIA SERVER has caused this. So for those of us playing on the NA server their is nothing to worry about… ATM.

You claimed there are no such things as mistakes or bugs in programming, which highly suggest you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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The problem is a complete lack of response from Blizzard in the other regional forums so everyone comes to the US forums for an, albeit slight, chance of getting things addressed.

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Define complete please.

The Asia challenge rift hasn’t been changed for weeks despite countless reports. Blizzard remained silent.

S24 didn’t end properly on the Asia server despite countless reports. No action taken, Blizzard remained silent.

Only after S24 and S25 getting overlapped did Blizzard finally wake up and actually do something. The lack of communication from Blizzard is absolutely abhorrent. It’s bad overall but when it comes to other regions than US, the interaction is borderline zero.

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That’s still on the US forum, so what exactly does that prove about the lack of information on the EU for example?

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Did you miss the “in the other regional forums” part of what you quoted?

Here’s the Blizz Tracker for the whole of the EU forums…

Their three most recent threads were…

  • On December 3rd they posted a sticky about Season 25.
  • On November 1st they posted a sticky about the PTR for Patch 2.7.2 / Season 25.
  • On July 21st they posted a sticky about Season 24.

Three posts, in six months, and they were all announcements. Other than in Technical Support, I literally cannot remember the last time a blue responded to an EU thread in well over a year.

I’d say that’s pretty much complete.


OK RIGHT You people really think you know everything about video games. 40 yrs been playing video games. Plus 40 yrs of most all gaming companies putting cheats in their games.

Come on you been living in a cave. How many Cheat site out there where you can get cheats for most all games. Plus yes there some that of them that don’t let people cheat in the game. But there is a lot lot more of let them that do.

How many people cheat in this game every day? “The Bots” Just look at the leader boards!!!

About 10 yrs ago Steam thought they would start going after the cheaters. Well that didn’t go so well for them it almost put them under.

So how many times have we seen this in the past 9yrs? Oh I lost count!!! But these are Bugs or Mistakes OK Right!!!

This only becomes a problem when somebody figures it and the people that didn’t and they start crying look they are cheating.

Are you actually saying that a third party cheat is somehow the same as a bug?

Yes, you managed to state something that’s actually correct. A bug that no one knows exist does not pose a problem, when someone abuses it to gain an advantage it becomes an issue, and yes, in games it’s generally regarded as cheating since you take advantage of something that was never intended to be there in the first place.


I may have looked at the leaderboards all of five or six times in the last few years or so out of curiosity but other than that I could not care less about the leaderboards or cheaters. I love the game and it’s a blast to play. By the way I play solo on console which is the way Diablo 3 is meant to be played. D2R is also best played on console.

While I agree with most of your points, seeing as the console version was an afterthought and was released over a year after the PC version I’m inclined to say that it was not in fact meant to be played on console.

It blows my mind that there are still people believing that Bots can farm Paragon above … say 1k. They can’t do high GR rifts. I strongly believe that they can’t even do T16, unless the player has acquire legit 3-4k Paragon. But then again, is not worth putting a bot to ‘farm’ Paragon on T16 or GR70/80 if you have that much Paragon as the xp is …super small.

So best they can farm is low shtty GR’s or T’s. That’s it.

Cheating ( aka finding bugs and abuse them ) or Account Sharing, that’s a different story.

So, please, stop adding “bots” as a cheating way of increasing your Paragon, because isn’t the case.

It is. Set the bot to farm keys/mats when you’re not playing yourself lets you focus solely on Grifts/xp farm when you do play yourself.

Now, sure, it’s not an “I win” button, but it’s a distinct advantage.


I can farm 4+ keys on a 3 min average T16 rift. In 1 hour, that means 80+ keys. In 2 hours you have 160+ keys. Let’s say you use this on G Rifts speeds of … 4 mins per run, on average. You will do around 15 G Rifts an hour, that’s 15 keys. 160+ keys equals around 11 hours.

Now, that means an “advantage” of around 15% per day in terms of say XP vs others, if you let a bot farm your keys. Which …in the end, it’s nothing, but the guy using this “method”, will 100% get banned, because if he let the “bot” farm for keys while he’s sleeping/afk/etc, he will be online non-stop, which will trigger red flags on his account by the anti-cheat system and …then here comes the ban-hammer.

I’ll say again. Stop saying bots are “all over” and that they help farm “that big Paragon which a normal person can’t do”. If someone has an …unusual Paragon, it means he’s doing Account Sharing…or he’s really playing A LOT. If you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean others can’t.

PS: For a bot to farm 160+ keys, it will take lots of hours so that 15% increase in terms of…XP, is actually far less.

Dude, 1% more than another player is an advantage, 15% is definitely so.

Never used a bot, but I doubt it will take “lots” of hours if you have it set up correctly.

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No is not. Not in D3. Theoretically it is. Practically is such a small advantage that it doesn’t change Ladders at all, in contras to what people wants to believe that “OMG!! There are at least 10 Bots in Top 20 Ladder!!! GG BLIZ LOLOLO”.

And back to the above, the actually percent is far less than 15% because Bots can’t farm that many keys in 2 hours. I would say … many hours. And no, you can’t set it up correctly, LOL. D3 has …random everything. You need to let the bot… take “his time” which increases the time he might complete a T16 by a lot.

Anyway, I’m sure I didn’t changed your mind and that’s fine. Keep believing that people are better than you or … X or Y because they … Bot. In most of the time, they are better because…simply they are, since they play a lot more than you or X or Y.

So you’re saying two guys that play the same amount of actual time and one dude gets 15% more xp farming done won’t make a difference? Have you ever heard of math?

D3 is random, sure, but rifts for example follow a fairly easy to remember layout in most tile sets, are you actually saying that a computer is worse than a human on pattern recognition?

The botting situation often gets exaggerated, but what you state here is factualy untrue, visit any botting discord and you will see xp or key avg per hour that are way higher than you suggest. Especialy on low content the computer will beat you 10 out of 10 times.