“Improved Communication” isn’t what is happening - Zero Clarity on Patch Changes

“I just wanted to respond to the subject of little to no communication with, ‘You’re wrong’. You’re welcome.”


Quoted for truth!

It only took us 4 years to get Mortick’s!

So we’ll get a top tier Whirlwind build around the same time Diablo IV launches!


Nope, the name of the new set will be “Bul’ Kathos’s Disappointments”


And when is no longer relevant.

Nevalist is not to blame, she is but a messenger. The problem comes from the top. The complete lack of touch with its own public, like they have shown in D:I that Blizzcon when they got Bo’ed. That’s the simplest image you can get on how disconnected Blizzard is from the Diablo community.

They should postpone the patches and run more tests


I was excited for a new season for the first time in years. Now this…
Sorry but the level of communication is just insulting. I will probably still play for a day or two but it could have been so much better.


First of all, how in the world are devs waiting to measure “how Barb performs in Season 19” when Season themes (especially 19’s) offer such a crazy power increase???

You do understand that just because a build might do well in Season 19 with crazy kill streak bonuses doesn’t mean the build is balanced, right!?!?

Can’t believe what I am reading.

I read your Blue Post on the Rend thread, and your end solution to Rend is a perfect example of the pervasive communication problem with this game that bleeds over into poor balance changes.

You shut down the PTR then nuked 200% damage for a build in secret without gathering more data.

Now, Rend’s nerfed for the entirety of the next season, or perhaps more if your devs don’t feel like getting around to it in 5 months.

Don’t you see the problem? This isn’t just about Barbarian.

You’re “testing” one iteration of changes for one week, gathering limited data, and make revisions that will be live for 5+ months without testing those revisions.

Who knows when devs will look at Barb again? Could be years. I just don’t know how you don’t see the problem. Being understaffed or whatever is not the community’s issue. It’s the corporation’s.

Working on other projects is also not our problem. It was your choice to create Diablo 4 and that’s great, but does that really mean D3 deserves this treatment for years on end?


Not buying d4, not supporting garbage status quo balance.

Revert the Nerf. To hell with safe space DH/Wiz players.


I like d3! Can’t wait for season 19! I’ll be rolling another wizard!

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Yes this is exactly what has me worried about D4.

How can you run balance changes on a brand new complex AMMORPG like D4 when you can’t even properly test and communicate about very simple number changes now?

Honestly scary to think about because D4 will likely have microtransactions, and that stuff creates a lot of communication problems which will need to be resolved fast.


There’s some real complainy users on this thread… you’re having fun playing right? No? Then stop. You’re looking forward to d4 right? No? then don’t play it. You have things to do other than just bash blizzs team whos giving you a pretty solid f2p game right? Just have some patience.

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Can you imagine these people trying to balance PvP? It’s like ten thousand monkeys with typewriters trying to duplicate Hamlet and the H key is missing. D4 is doomed. It’ll make a lot of money and kill the franchise.


f2p? In this case Fail to Ptr?

This is an automated process. The same thing happened on the complicit thread. The forum moderaror who works in California presumably reopened that thread in less than 24 hours.


But there are significant flagging going on then. I would keep an eye around. I am sniffing cookies.

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okay then revert the decision and be done about it.

This post is precisely why we need a universal thumbs-down feature. Being intentionally obtuse doesn’t make you right, it just exacerbates and lends credit to every criticism about Blizzard communication.


Yes, the lock on Free’s thread was an auto lock due to a bunch of reports. That is why it says “system” when you hover over who locked it and the message indicates it is a temp lock. It is done until the mods get to it.

It happens a lot in controversial threads with lots of participation - and flagging. The D3 forums are usually quiet enough we don’t see it often, but other Blizz forums it is common.


Make no mistake of it, I do not blame Nev at all. She is literally just the messenger. I know the final decision regarding itemization and updates rests on the developers.


First I would like to say I am very disappointed the Lamentation buff was taken away entirely, without given a chance on live to be adjusted at a later date like other classes DPS builds in earlier Patches.
I know you aren’t the bad person here, only the messenger but you are the only person we can communicate with at any level in regards of what is happening to D3.
To me it seems the Developers have lost all touch with what the loyal players want and expect from this game, for an example, not letting the Barbarian have a strong DPS build for years now! They are Barbarians for heaven’s sake!
After saying that I do have a question about Blizzard’s communication.
Why did Blizzard put the revised PTR on BlizzCon for the streamers without putting the revised Patch Notes with it, for all to see? They had to know that if something slipped out, which it did, that it would of cause mass confusion, generate hard feelings between players and a ton speculation right or wrong, on what is going on with a patch that hasn’t even been released to the public yet. That is not good PR and a terrible way to communicate.
Anyway I hope you get over your cold soon, there is one going around here that lingers for weeks.
Thank you


Mark my words in Season 19 Rend Whirlwind will clear moderately high GR let’s say 140 (exclusively due to the Season 19 power being active), devs will say Rend is now at an acceptable power level and never touch it again.

Then when Season 19 ends no one will play WW again.