You can stack up infinite chicken stacks, if you get stunned, freezed (any hard CC) in the moment you gonna explode in chicken. This way you can take your chicken stacks from one chicken from into the next one!

This needs to be fixed or else there will be a way to abuse this by stacking up hordes of frozen elites for example. And this playstyle would be kind of annoying.

Also works if you teleport in town in the moment you would explode. This way you can even use this efficiently in a GR-Push.


Gotta watch explaining a potential exploit as you could end up in forum jail.

On a side note, if people are using it as an exploit, it shows the sad state of the WD as they are still 20 GRs behind Wiz and barely even with the other classes.

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How else should I explain the developers how the bug works and what the problem is?

I need to explain the potential exploit mechanic. I discovered this by accident and since I am rank 1 Wd right now and didnt use it on my record I guess no WD is using it.

But I know D3 well enough that at some point this could be used as an potential advantage against other people. If they dont wanna fixed it, just a quick notification that its legit to use would be fine, because even with this tactic Gr150 is still very very hard in S29.

I just dont wanna use a mechani that seems like an exploit to me.


See: Reporting Hacks, Cheats, and Exploits

Cheers !

P.S. : Nevalistis left Blizzard a while ago… her e-mail probably doesn’t work anymore… use the one for the Hacks team.