Immortal question #1

How high can you level each of the Horadrim Vessels in the shrine?

It would seem the answer is at least level 10.

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It’s definitely higher than 10. Compare these screenshots…

Rank 9…

Rank 10…

Notice that where the Rank 9 has a single golden circle symbol, the Rank 10 has two? There are eight such symbol locations. Assuming they each light up for each 5 ranks (like the first two did) that means these go up to at least 40.


Those pages are outdated due to the fact that when they closed their immortal branch they didn’t update any pages at all.

I just learned how high you can raise your vessels. The max level of vessels in Immortal is level 60. If you want to confirm it just log into the game. Then hit escape like you are going to log off but hit leader boards. Then left click on any player. The first icon that looks like a page is that character’s profile. Then when looking at the profile look at legacy of the horadrim. You will see it say ? /540. That first number is the total number of levels for all vessels. Now take 540/9 and that comes to 60. So the highest level of a vessel is 60.


Holy cow that high, thanks for the info I still need to get 3 of them. I would like to see something like this in D4. Because you need to work at getting them and it will talk a while to max them out.

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