Imagine diablo 1 being remade

And the crying about that too.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Diablo 1 is my favorite out of the series.

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D1 is fantastic.




punches self in face

Roleplay of d1 being rereleased over/

Nooooooo, keep it authentic!
Dont add running for example, please! Just new graphics and lots of bugs.

Also if they fix bugs (ebug, wsg) I am refunding! Do not fix that duplicate item glitch, its core gameplay, yes!

Almost forgot, refund if not supporting OS older than Windows 10! Should support Windows 98 because change bad.

Most toxic people ever, I do not know why Blizzard should appeal to them (vast minority too if I may add, since D2 as whole sold 4 million copies in 20+ years), which hopefully they wont when we finally get confirmation of Future Plans.

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D1 already got the perfect remaster through the GOG version. With modern OS support and integer scaling. Also supporting mods like Beelzebub which appeal to the people who want a more modern approach to it. If you hate that game, you dont need to worry about it being released again.

I was being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a fake Blizzard leak that was a hot topic for 5 minutes and in it, among other outlandish things such as Blizzard shutting down in 2022, it said Diablo is being remade.

You mean the one by BlizzardLeak with 1 forum post?

That thing is more fake than the existence of the cow level (which isnt real)

I would love to see Diablo 1 re released by Blizzard.


I mean we see a small sample of it with just the rogue! And it was a much darker game. Imagine diablo 1 with diablo resurrection graphics omg.